MEMORY LANE: Before DailyProfitPond ‘Surf Tanked In 2008, Operators Warned That ‘Substainability’ Of 12 Percent Daily Payout Was ‘Questionable’

EDITOR’S NOTE: We were researching an unrelated matter last night, and came across this gem (outlined below). In 2008, a number of autosurfs that became popular in the aftermath of the seizure of tens of millions of dollars from the personal bank accounts of AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin tanked just prior to Christmas. One of them was Daily Profit Pond. The story below illustrates the fractured thinking that dominates the autosurf landscape — and the role promoters and autosurf “experts” play in spreading spectacular frauds virally on the Internet.

As incredible as it sounds, an autosurf Ponzi known as Daily Profit Pond (DPP) said it was a legitimate business but warned prior to its collapse during the 2008 holiday season that its advertised payout rate of 12 percent a day might be unsustainable.

Why promoters and members even had to ponder whether a Ponzi existed or the sustainability of an enterprise that advertised a 144 percent return in 12 days when there was no verifiable source of revenue beyond members’ funds was left to the imagination.

But ponder it they did . . .

In a missive to members, DPP described itself as thoughtful company that had listened to the input of unidentified “leaders” before making a decision to slash the advertised payout rate.

“A few of our members got scarced (sic) and have contacted us that they want such a fine program like DPP to be here in the long run,” DPP said. “We have listen (sic) to these leaders and have decided to make some changes that will ensure the longterm success of DPP.”

How did DPP address the sustainability issue?

“[T]he management of DPP have decided to change the 12% daily plan which pays 144% in 12 days to a more realistic plan of 150% earnings in 30 days.”

Yep. DPP suggested 144 percent in 12 days was too much, but added that 150 percent in 30 days was “more realistic.” DPP did not explain precisely how it had arrived at the conclusion that its new, 150 percent plan was a winner, but it noted (italics added):

“The DPP administration are expects (sic) in the digital currency business and advertising business. This is where we intend to invest our members (sic) funds and the profit we generate will be used to substain (sic) our members payouts. This new strategy will enable DPP to be there in the long run when all other sites have closed and vanished into the (sic) thin air.”

And like an overnight infomercial eager to add a free can of snake oil to the deal, DPP shrieked, “But Wait!” (Italics added):

“How does this work, you may ask?

“Henceforeth (sic), Our (sic) members will start earning 150% of their profit spots in 30 days. Ref. commission for upgraded members remains 12% down through 3rd levels (sic). 6% commission on level one, 3% ref commission on level two and three.”

One promoter cheered DPP’s business acumen.

“Well, I’m glad to see that someone at Daily Profit Pond is paying attention to the accounting,” he said. “They realize that their liability to their existing members is higher than the cash that is flowing in. You don’t have to be a math expert to realize that when you have more money going out than you have coming in, that you are going to run into cash problems pretty fast.

“For the people who are upset by this change, I can understand where you are coming from but you have got to look at the alternative.

“Would you rather keep earning 12% per day of virtual money that you will NEVER receive? Or would you rather earn 5% per day of money that you will actually be able to cash out? The choice is obvious.”

Records suggest that DPP’s site vanished a week prior to Christmas in 2008. One ad viewed by the PP Blog prior to the collapse of DPP said it was possible to start with $12 and turn it into $12,000.

Just days earlier DPP had lamented surf sites that vanish into “thin air.”

Surfs such as DPP and MegaLido, which also went missing prior to the 2008 Holiday season, were particularly noxious. Members of AdSurfDaily and Golden Panda Ad Builder, whose assets were seized by the U.S. Secret Service in August 2008, cynically promoted DPP and MegaLido to other members of ASD, suggesting these miserable enterprises provided a way for people who lost money in ASD and Golden Panda to get it back quickly.

Good grief: 144 percent in 12 days — later slashed to a “more realistic” 150 percent in 30 days.

There was an earnings “calculator,” of course.

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  1. I think I still have the Excel profit projection worksheet that ASD put out. Oddly, it never came true, either…