Name Of New Bank Appears On MPB Today Checks; Images Posted On .Org Affiliate Site; Other Affiliates Tape UPS Driver Delivering TV From ‘Grocery’ Program

Images of two checks purportedly from the MPB Today MLM program are published on a .org website. The checks show Whitney National Bank of Pensacola as MPB Today's bank. Previous checks from the company showed the name of Gulf Coast Community Bank of Pensacola as the bank for both MPB Today and its purported parent company, Southeastern Delivery.

An MPB Today affiliate’s site on a .org domain is publishing images of checks that suggest the purported “grocery” MLM in Pensacola either has switched banks or is using a second bank.

The checks are dated Oct. 8 and bear the name of Whitney National Bank of Pensacola. Previous images of checks published by MPB Today affiliates showed the name of Gulf Coast Community Bank, a Pensacola bank that has been operating under a consent agreement with the FDIC since January.

The checks purportedly drawn on Whitney show the name “Mpb Today” as the account-holder. Previous images of checks published online by MPB Today affiliates showed the names of “MPB Today Inc.” and “Southeastern Delivery LLC.”

Southeastern is the purported parent company of MPB Today. Why the checks dated in October and purportedly drawn on Whitney did not use the “Inc.” designation was not immediately clear. Also unclear is why MPB checks published online by affiliates included three different names as bank account-holders: Mpb Today, MPB Today Inc. and Southeastern Delivery LLC.

If MPB Today has switched banks at midstream, it may signal a change in the status quo. Changes in the status quo often are key markers of scams. Changes in MLM compensation plans also may signal a change in the status quo. MPB Today now says it is paying bonuses to certain members of the firm’s 2×2 cycler matrix.

Some MPB Today affiliates have received Walmart gift cards as part of their compensation, while others have received Walmart “In Store Credit Cards” and prepaid Visa cards branded in Walmart’s name. Whether the varying payment methods represent changes in the status quo is unclear.

Separately, a video on YouTube shows a 32-inch television set being delivered by UPS to a residence believed to be in Las Vegas. A narrator in in the video says the TV was paid for with a Walmart gift card “kind of, indirectly.”

The video captures the actual delivery of the TV, showing the face of the UPS driver and also capturing his voice. Whether the UPS driver understood he was being videotaped for a commercial for MPB Today was unclear.

This marks at least the second time that video promos for the MPB Today program have captured the faces and voices of people who may not have understood that they were being filmed for commercials for the “grocery” program. An earlier video by a separate MPB Today affiliate captured the voice of a teller at an FDIC-insured bank, the face of a Walmart employee and the faces of employees of a taco store.

At least one other video for MPB Today has shown a TV purchased with proceeds from the “grocery” program — in this case, a 46-inch model manufactured by Samsung.

This check, published on a Blog, shows the name of Southeastern Delivery.

This check, published in a video, shows the name of MPB Today Inc.

A UPS van drives off after after delivering a 32-inch television to an address believed to be in Las Vegas. A narrator in the video said the TV "kind of, indirectly" was paid for with a Walmart gift card from the MPB Today grocery MLM.

The TV purportedly paid for with a gift card from the "grocery" program.

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  1. Should not be bragging about that tv. It is the worst and cheapest model on the market. Usually sold through RadioShack.

  2. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to believe some of the the reporting criteria of the US Governments’ “Bank Secrecy Act” have been automatically triggered and investigation/s are underway as we speak within the financial sector.

    ESPECIALLY by those financial institutions so carelessly featured on such sites as those mentioned above.

  3. Now that is an interesting possibility. Since the publicity surrounding the Maddoff scam and other financial frauds, it is far more likely that local bank branch employees are aware of the existence and recognise the signs of a fraud that it was, say, during the ASD era.

    People hustling frauds and other illegal enterprises through the internet are more at risk of being identified that they ever were before. Could be fun to see who gets to them first – the USDA, or the Secret Service.

  4. My bet is on the FTC.

  5. Quick note:

    Have now seen a YouTube video that shows a check coming from “Mpb Today” and drawn on Whitney Bank, as opposed to MPB Today Inc. or Southeastern Delivery LLC and drawn on Gulf Coast Community Bank. Check may be new, as the video is dated Oct. 16. Only part of the check is shown. The date the check was issued was not shown.

    The Oct. 16 video also shows a Walmart “In Store Credit” card, as opposed to a gift card.

    In the next series of frames in the video, a stack of checks and Walmart gift cards are shown. The checks appear to be from Southeastern Delivery, but the video is grainy. These checks perhaps came from a separate video.

    Promo uses a “Pay It Forward” theme.


  6. promoting this MPB program all over the Adlandpro Community, is still promoting this and 12SecondCommute throughout their community? I SMELL RAT.

    This guy is protected like Ken Russo over there. I have never smelled SKUNK but there could be a SKUNK named Jimbo or a handful in that quatre.

    Jim Allen was claiming to have spoken to Gary Colhouln and he assured his followers that he had no reason to believe this man was dishonest. I posted the list of offences by return and he retired from the lime light with egg on his face.

    I spoke out about the posts which you made, about legal authorities being in online communities and that statement was like S-IT to a fan. I don’t know when they started deleting my warnings about tactics of these brain washing gurus. I am banned from reading or posting warnings over there.

    I have done all I can to scream SKUNK in The Adlandpro Community. Jimbo and his followers have retreated to 12SecondCommute and think they have got rid of me and my posts forever.

    I know they were slow to realise that my “Scorpio Instinct” was well developed. I am sure that people with more ability should be investigating. I know that this Jimbo guy was wounded by my scorpion’s sting. The red rag to the raging bull or bulls over there were my assurance that you, Eagle and plenty could retrieve Adlands posts deleted two days ago.

    I have no more to say than “goodbye Jimbo. I won’t be the one who is monitoring 12Secondcommute for rats or skunks. I have called in the professionals.

  7. Hi Patrick, Sorry but I missed the first part of my last post before I copied it. Text for first para of last post below.

    Hi Patrick,

    Please could you shed any light on the reason why the “town crier” who has been

  8. Judy Hortin: I don’t know when they started deleting my warnings about tactics of these brain washing gurus.

    Hello Judy,

    My guess is that the deletions began at the precise moment in time that it became more convenient to delete than to conflate a new reality that could not pass the giggle test. It takes lots of energy to conflate new realities and to retreat into an infinite set of contingencies when a fact set becomes too unpleasant, as Surf’s Up ultimately demonstrated by deleting itself.

    Getting kicked out of Adlandpro is not like having to give up an Olympic medal for cheating; it’s more like being moved up from Silver to Gold because the original holder of the Glory was a pretender — like some of our steroid-consuming baseball players on this side of the pond.

    Wear your Adlandpro banishment well, Judy — and know that your attempt to educate the public served society at large.


  9. Miracle of miracles. The ban on my being able to read the forum has been lifted. I have no intention of posting there again. Some of my posts may have been retrieved but none where I asked searching questions. I will leave those questions for experts to try and retrieve from Google cashe or ny other means.

    My pal Jimbo is still promoting some groceries scam. He may have switched grocery scam. I think he tried something like Toga. Bye bye Jimbo. Start singing like a canary.

  10. Will someone please tell me specifically why MPB is a scam and fraud? Is it because you believe people are really not getting paid? Is it because you think the walmart cards don’t work? Is it because if you can’t get people signed-up, you lose your $200?

    How is mpb different than paying for membership into sams club…and then getting paid for your referrals to get more sams club members?

    I’ve had at least a dozen people try to get me into MPB and I’ve always said no just because it “must” be as scam of some kind. But, struggle to find out from anyone clear evidence why it really is.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Ask a few questions. Where does the money come from? Where does the money come from to pay for the “referral fees” or “rebates” or whatever they are called. Where does the money come from to pay for the WallMart cards?

    Is the “product” worthwhile or competitive? Is it over priced? Why would anyone buy/use the product? Why would anyone buy dry goods with MPB Today, and pay the high delivery charge?

    If the product is over priced, then the only reason why anyone would sign up is so they can sell it on to someone else. This is a pyramid scheme.

    If the money is coming from new investors to pay the fees for older investors, this is a ponzi scheme.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

  12. ……well, simply, how can they continue to indefinitely pay out more than they take in? Of course they can’t but that is more or less what they promise. In other words, the pitch is: “Quick, come join, pay $200. Your $200 will magically turn into $2000 (or some such nonsense).” Where does that $2000 come from? New enrollees. Of course those new enrollees will eventually run out of people to recruit. That is the essence of the pyramid and why it is illegal.

  13. […] Today is tied to a Pensacola-based grocery company known as Southeastern Delivery. In 2010, check-waving videos and websites for MPB Today appeared in scores of places. Some of the promos showed checks with the MPB Today […]