Leaming Claimed Small Town Targeted Him For ‘DEATH’; Second Woman Blocked By Federal Judge From Filing ‘Notary’ Claim In AdSurfDaily Case Has Leaming Tie; Leaming And ASD Figure Christian Oesch Try To Sue United States

Kenneth Wayne Leaming, also known as "Kenneth Wayne" and "Keny."

UPDATED 5:52 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) A Washington state man emerging as a figure in the AdSurfDaily forfeiture case claimed a small town targeted him for “DEATH” and threatened to kill him by “HUNTING” him down “in screaming packs and mobs” and using “several armed street gangs” that served as police, according to records.

Kenneth Wayne Leaming of Spanaway filed a lien for $10 million in 2009 against the city of Puyallup, Wash., in the case. Among the claims were that Puyallup engaged in terrorism by controlling “multiple electronic broadcast media” and employing police who used “chemical and biological weapons,” “machine guns” and “explosives.”

The lien was notarized by Tina M. Hall, a Leaming business associate and another emerging figure in the ASD case. Hall’s notary license was revoked last month. Leaming has been linked by the Anti-Defamation League to an “extremist group” known as “Little Shell Pembina Band of North America.”

Puyallup is a city of about 33,000 in Pierce County.

Pattern Of Filing Astronomical Liens

In a separate case in which Leaming’s name is referenced as a co-defendant with Janice Kay Bryson, a lien for more than $19 billion was placed against several individuals and the city of Fife, Wash., another small town in Pierce County. Records show that Leaming has been assessed sanctions of at least $15,000 in Washington state for filing false liens.

Fife has a population of about 4,800. Puyallup, named in the $10 million lien, somehow also became a party along with Fife in the $19 billion lien.

Lien For Billions Filed Against Hospital With Historic Roots To St. Francis Of Assisi And The Order Of Poor Ladies Founded By St. Clare

Leaming also filed a bogus lien for $9.2 billion against St. Clare Hospital, a faith-based facility in Washington state that admitted 6,995 patients, handled 48,363 patient visits to its Emergency Department and received 26,114 outpatient visits during the 2008 fiscal year.

Hall also affixed her notary seal to the lien against St. Clare, which is operated by Franciscan Heath Systems and traces its faith-based healthcare mission in Washington state to 1891.

The Franciscan Order is named after St. Francis, known the world over as St. Francis of Assisi, who died 784 years ago, in 1226, after rejecting earthly wealth and living in poverty as a street preacher. He is one the most revered figures in the annals of Christianity.

One of the first followers of the man who became known as St. Francis of Assisi was Chiara Offreduccio. She became known as Clare of Assisi and, after being elevated to sainthood, St. Clare. Clare of Assisi was the founder of the Order of Poor Ladies which, like the Franciscan Order, rejected earthly wealth. The Order of Poor Ladies went on to become known as the Order of St. Clare, known the world over as the “Poor Clares.”

Leaming sought to attach “all tangible and intangible property” of the St. Clare Franciscan facility, including its money, furnishings and fixtures, according to records. St. Clare was Leaming’s community hospital in Spanaway. Ironically, AdSurfDaily members had positioned ASD in promotional materials as the invention of a Christian “genius” and an attractive way for people of faith to make enormous sums of money by clicking on advertisements for less than 20 minutes a day.

Members who recruited other members were paid commissions of 10 percent. Commissions for second-level recruits in the MLM scheme were set at 5 percent. ASD member and purported company “trainer” Robert Fava claimed in a testimonial that he made $1,000 a day from ASD.

ASD President Andy Bowdoin, speaking at an event in Las Vegas in May 2008, exhorted attendees to “to have an attitude of gratitude with God” and imagine themselves in possession of “a big check coming in from AdSurfDaily.” Bowdoin thanked God from the stage for developing him into a “money magnet.”

Video from the Las Vegas event shows members standing in line to turn money over to ASD — and employees placing paperwork into plastic baskets. By Aug. 1, 2008, about two months after the Las Vegas gathering, the U.S. Secret Service seized tens of millions of dollars from 10 personal bank accounts held by Bowdoin, amid allegations of money-laundering, wire fraud and operating a Ponzi scheme. Court filings placed the amount seized from Bowdoin at $65.8 million.

One of his personal accounts contained more than $31.6 million; another contained more than $23.7 million. Prosecutors said ASD was not Bowdoin’s first brush with the law. In the 1990s, he pleaded guilty to felonies that flowed from an Alabama securites caper, avoiding prison by agreeing to make restitution to victims.

About $14 million more under the control of Clarence Busby and an ASD-related  company known as Golden Panda Ad Builder also was seized by the Secret Service. The abbreviation “Rev.” was attached to Busby’s name 120 times in an ASD-related court filing that accused the company and unnamed co-conspirators of racketeering.

Busby was accused by the SEC in the 1990s of participating in three prime bank schemes in which investors were promised enormous returns that did not materialize.

Why Leaming, who acknowledges an “Almighty Creator” only known as “I am” in documents that identify Leaming as “Postmaster,” would seek to vex and bankrupt a faith-based hospital and two small towns in Washington state is unclear.

Also unclear is why any ASD member would put faith in the purported legal skills of Leaming, who was accused of the unauthorized practice of law in the state five years ago and was the subject of a protection-from-abuse order filed by a notary public who claimed he coerced her into notarizing documents.

At least two notaries public have lost their licenses in Washington state after performing work for Leaming, according to records.

At Least 3 ASD Filers Have Leaming Ties

Excluding himself, Leaming now has been linked to at least three people who either filed or attempted to file documents in the ASD case: Hall, Christian Oesch and Kathryn E. Aschlea.

On June 11, 2010, Aschlea was blocked by U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer from filing a document styled “Claim by Notary Presentment/Acceptance” in the ASD forfeiture case in the District of Columbia.

The nature of the blocked filing is not publicly known.

Records in Washington state identify a woman by the same name as a notary public. Meanwhile, Kathryn Aschlea is listed as a business partner of Kenneth Wayne Leaming in a venture known as FAN NW LTD INC. Aschlea is listed as a “governing person” and vice president of the firm, with Leaming — shortening his name to “Kenneth Wayne” by dropping the surname “Leaming” in the registration — listed as president and a “governing person.”

The unsuccessful bid to file in the ASD case occurred more than five months after Collyer issued a final order of forfeiture that granted the government title to the money seized by the U.S. Secret Service from Andy Bowdoin. Collyer signed an order in July 2009 that awarded the money seized from Busby’s Golden Panda to the government.

Federal prosecutors announced more than two years ago that money declared forfeited would be used to compensate victims.

Prosecutors brought the forfeiture case to enforce wire-fraud and money-laundering laws, according to court records. A racketeering statute also is referenced in the forfeiture complaint.

Collyer has consistently ruled that nonparty claimants have no standing in the ASD case.

On July 2, 2010 — nearly six months after Collyer issued the final forfeiture order and four months after Bowdoin appealed it — Collyer blocked Leaming and Christian Oesch from filing a document styled “Notice of Final Determination and Judgment by Christian Oesch and Kenneth Wayne.”

Like Aschlea and Hall,  Oesch has a business tie to Leaming. A Leaming company known as AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW INC. is listed as the registered agent for an Oesch-controlled company in Washington state known as HUMAN ECONOMIC RESOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD.

Records list Hall as vice president of AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL, with Leaming as its president.

Records suggest that within days of the July 2 docket entry in which Collyer blocked “Kenneth Wayne” and Oesch from filing the document styled “Notice of Final Determination and Judgment,” Leaming set the stage for ads positioning him as an “attorney” or “lawyer” to appear online. Those ads were removed by Justia.com, Oyez.org and Cornell University Law school earlier this month, after questions were raised about whether Leaming was a licensed attorney.

Records show there have been multiple complaints about Leaming engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in Washington state. At least one of the complaints came from a woman who lost her notary’s license in 2005 as a result of notarizing documents on Leaming’s behalf, according to records.

The woman also filed for a protection-from-abuse order against Leaming, according to records maintained by the Washington State Bar Association, which redacted the woman’s name in a 2005 letter to Leaming that accused him of the unauthorized practice of law.

Records at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims show that “Kenneth Wayne” and Christian Oesch filed a complaint against the United States on July 23, 2010, about three weeks after Collyer rejected their bids to file a document on the ASD docket in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

A public link to the complaint is not available. The docket, however, shows that the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a motion to dismiss the complaint. Whether Leaming and Oesch even can establish that the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (COFC), which typically hears contract disputes in a limited number cases in which the government waives sovereign immunity, has jurisdiction to hear an ASD-related dispute is far from clear.

Leaming is listed as an “agent” for “MYHUB GROUP LLC” on the COFC docket. A company by that name is listed in Nevada records as in “default,” with Christian Oesch as its manager.

Earlier this month, some ASD members received an email that referenced “MYHUB.” The email appeared to be a compendium assembled by ASD member Sara Mattoon. The same email referenced a purported “legal opinion” by “Keny.”

“Keny” is a nickname used by Leaming.

The email asserted that ASD members who filed a restitution claim through Rust Consulting, the government-approved claims administrator, might face a lawsuit from a group of ASD members.

“Again, we are asking that our Claimants do not engage in the DOJ’s Remission Process, as long you want to maintain being part of our Group Claims whatsoever,” the portion of the email attributed to MYHUB read in part. “If you are indeed wanting to eat on the other side of the fence, you must let us know before you submit anything to the DOJ, without causing us potential harm and further damages. In case you were to fail to notify us, we would have a possible claim against you, and that’s not what you want us to do in the first place.”

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16 Responses to “Leaming Claimed Small Town Targeted Him For ‘DEATH’; Second Woman Blocked By Federal Judge From Filing ‘Notary’ Claim In AdSurfDaily Case Has Leaming Tie; Leaming And ASD Figure Christian Oesch Try To Sue United States”

  1. Hey Patrick,

    First off I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Second, more great research as usual. Third, why was Ozzy Ozbourne’s Crazy Train playing in my head while reading this article?

    If 3 of the filers of the pro se motions are linked, there are likely more links. These people are bat spit crazy, IMO.

    Lastly, I have never seen sanctions by the courts deter these “sovereign” types. Every sanction, dismissal, fine or prison sentence just feed their paranoia and conspiracy theories. They usually keep at it.

  2. “Again, we are asking that our Claimants do not engage in the DOJ’s Remission Process, as long you want to maintain being part of our Group Claims whatsoever,” the portion of the email attributed to MYHUB read in part. “If you are indeed wanting to eat on the other side of the fence, you must let us know before you submit anything to the DOJ, without causing us potential harm and further damages. In case you were to fail to notify us, we would have a possible claim against you, and that’s not what you want us to do in the first place.”

    The contents of the email sent out to various ASD leader/insider downlines, including those in the very large “Fava Group”, sound more like a threat to members who try to redeem some of their losses from the Government, not advice.

  3. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Likewise, d_b.

    Lastly, I have never seen sanctions by the courts deter these “sovereign” types.

    It is clear from filings that the Washington state AG’s office is well aware of these hijinks and has sought to stomp them out. There are court orders, for example, that prohibit Leaming from filing liens against the cities, county and government employees without prior court approval.

    A judge called his filings “virtually incomprehensible,” lacking any basis in law and fact.

    Whether the orders will have any long-term effect is unclear — and Leaming now has turned to the federal courts, attempting either to intervene in the ASD case in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia or bring a sort of companion action in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

    why was Ozzy Ozbourne’s Crazy Train playing in my head while reading this article?

    I had no tune in my head while writing the article. The claims made against public servants in Washington state are mind-numbing and chronically baffling. If pressed for a tune, I’d guess I’d have to say “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd:

    ” . . . We’re just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year,
    Running over the same old ground. What have we found? . . .”

    That a claim for $9.2 BILLION was made against a Franciscan healthcare facility named after a woman who vowed a life of poverty as a means of celebrating her faith and championing the poor should be a matter for great introspection by members of ASD, a purported Christian enterprise.

    St. Clare was the Mother Teresa of the 13th Century. When Mother Teresa died in 1997, there were comparisons to St. Clare’s work centuries before.


    P.S. ASD figure Curtis Richmond got slapped with 6 months’ home confinement for pulling these kinds of stunts in federal court in California.

  4. Leaming… oh dear. After the last couple of blog reports, I went and did a little looking into him myself. Nasty piece of work (even when you don’t typo and find yourself staring in disbelief at a “first degree rape of a child” report from law enforcement; thankfully that was a different Kenneth Wayne in the same area).

    On the other hand… Homeland Security had this to say

    • Officers should be aware of what the Little Shell Pembina Band is. Members of this group claim to belong to a “sovereign” Native American Tribe, and believe they are not subject to governmental laws and regulations. They are part of an anti-govemment “sovereign citizen” movement, and view the government as illegitimate, or under the control of comipting powers. On March 27, 2007, Puyallup officers noticed a vehicle parked in a handicapped stall at the Puyallup YMCA. The license plate was red, white and blue, and read “Consular & Diplomatic Transport
    Services D5081, the People of the State of Washington United States, Washington Membership: February, 1889.” The driver, Kenneth Wayne Learning, W/M, 12/20/55, claimed traffic laws didn’t apply to him, and he produced fraudulent documentation. A search of his car showed it was set up like a police car, to include small light strips on the visor similar to those in police cars, and a siren box. In the trunk of his car were jackets with the words “Tribal Police” and “Marshal” on them.

    And the kind of garbage he used to advertise himself with…

    [Cornforthseminar] Kenneth Wayne Seminar … Las Vegas!
    Keny keny at crtf.org
    Tue Jul 19 18:29:15 PDT 2005

    * Previous message: [Cornforthseminar] TIBA (Kenneth Wayne) Class Monday, July 11, 2005 …
    * Next message: [Cornforthseminar] Gov’t liability for vaccination!
    * Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ]


    The International Bar Association presents Kenneth Wayne August 26-28, 2005,
    at Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Kenneth Wayne will be sharing his research and experiences in Administrative
    Law, International Law, and Business and Estate Planning issues.

    LOCATION: Palace Station Hotel & Casino;

    SEMINAR RESERVATIONS: Call 702-808-1927 or E-mail ironman_89122 at yahoo.com;
    $220.00 per person (or see your group promo) or $270.00 per couple.

    Sign-in begins at 6:00PM Friday, August 26, 2005.

    ROOM RESERVATIONS: Call 800-634-3101, MENTION The International Bar
    Association for group rate (Value Room-Single or Double occ.$85.00/nite ~~
    Tower Room, single or double occ. $95.00/nite – upcharge for additional

    Keny’s bio:

    Kenneth Wayne


    Age: 49 (December 1955)

    Law Enforcement Background:

    United States Air Force, Air Police

    Hillsboro, Oregon – Police Cadet

    Thurston county, Washington – Deputy sheriff

    Squaxin Island Tribe – Police officer

    Freedom County, Washington – Sheriff’s] Counsel

    Law Study & Experience Background:

    Over 25 Years of SELF-STUDY

    FORMER MEMBER: Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

    FORMER MEMBER: American Bar Association (#65472494)

    Federal Bar Association (#8831)

    Association of Trial Lawyers of America

    Admitted to Puyallup Nation Tribal Court as “Spokesman/Counsel”

    Formerly admitted to Muckleshoot Tribal Court as “Spokesman/Counsel”

    NOTE: Keny is NOT an ATTORNEY, and is NOT ADMITTED to “practice law” by any
    State Bar Association.

    * Currently based out of Spanaway, Washington.

    * Sits on the Board, directly or indirectly of around 5000 business

    * Has provided counsel to Kingdom of Hawaii representatives.

    * Has provided counsel to officers of Washington’s newest county, Freedom

    * Was Sheriff’s Counsel for Freedom County’s first sheriff.

    * Former Prosecuting Attorney for the Little Shell Pembina Band (Chippewa).


    Kenneth Wayne, born of the family LEAMING, “Keny” to his friends, has
    apparently been litigating from the time he was born. Family members
    indicate he screamed a protest at being brought into this physical world
    within seconds of birth!

    Keny grew up litigating ecclesiastical law with his mother, other family
    members, as well as his teachers and church leaders.

    Keny enlisted in the US Air Force at 17 years of age, and became an Air
    Policeman. The US Air Force requested he become a civilian (with an
    Honorable Discharge and Benefits) after serving only 1 year, 1 month, and 18
    days on a six-year enlistment after Keny won an administrative disciplinary

    Following the Air Force experience, Keny became a Police Cadet at Hillsboro,
    Oregon. As a Police Cadet, Keny wound up in two administrative disciplinary
    hearings, and won every time!

    With his Air Police and Police Cadet resume, Keny applied for a position as
    a Deputy Sheriff at Thurston county, Washington, and was subsequently
    appointed a Special Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Don Redmond and hired for a
    non-civil service, part time position. During this service, Keny had the
    opportunity to represent the Sheriff at those rumored “smoky, back room”
    meetings between Lobbyists and legislators during the 1978 Washington
    Legislative Session.

    While attending these ‘back-room’ meetings, Keny was exposed to what he
    perceived as a conspiracy to defraud the people by enactment of legislation
    that the Lobbyists and legislators acknowledged was unconstitutional, but
    could be presumed constitutional unless and until a court declared it
    unconstitutional. There was further discussion by the lobbyists on how the
    State could simply dismiss cases of those who knew how to properly raise the
    constitutional issues so that a court would not have an opportunity to
    declare the legislation unconstitutional!

    This set Keny on a Path of study to learn the proper procedures and law to
    be able to counter these apparently unconstitutional laws.

    Now, 20 some years later, Keny shares his experiences and understanding
    based on the results of that research and experiences.

    Keny studied further, while investigating the validity of various forms of
    business and trust entities to which he and others were exposed, learned to
    apply Business & Estate Planning techniques through the use of various tools
    and procedures and shares his findings and experiences to allow everyday
    small to medium business owner/operators to learn and implement the Business
    & Estate Planning secrets of the so-called “super-wealthy” as “Carved in
    Stone” by Grandpa Rockefeller at Rockefeller Center, “OWN NOTHING – CONTROL

    And an example of old newspaper articles about him…


    Foster parent pleads guilty in sex abuse case
    Joined Indian tribe in apparent attempt to avoid local charges
    The Daily Courier

    PRESCOTT ? A 44-year-old Chino Valley foster parent who apparently tried to avoid a local prose-cution by joining an illegitimate Indian tribe in Washington state pleaded guilty on Monday to sexual abuse charges involving a minor.

    Kathryn Walker Crew pleaded guilty to attempted sexual conduct with a minor, a Class 3 felony, and sexual conduct with a minor, a Class 6 felony.

    The first count is probation eligible with a sentence range between five years to life. The second felony carries a mandatory prison term of no less than a year. Crew also will have to register as a sex offender.

    Authorities arrested Crew at her workplace in Cottonwood after a 15-year-old victim told his father that he had been intimate with Crew for a period of five months during 2002.

    According to court records, Crew was the minor?s court-appointed foster mother. He lived with the defendant in a Prescott Valley apartment at the time of the incidents.

    A Prescott Valley Police Department report states that the victim?s father confronted Crew about the allegations, and she admitted to having a long-term sexual relationship with the minor.

    During an interview with a Prescott Valley police investigator in November, Crew reportedly confessed to having had sexual relations with the teen-ager on three occasions from February through June 2002.

    Two years ago, Chester Lookwood, her attorney at the time, told the judge that Crew might take a plea offer. Since then, the case has been continued for a variety of reasons including replacements of Crew?s attorneys as well as prosecutors and judges.

    Then in December, she fled Arizona and went to Washington state to become a member of the Sovereign Government of Little Shell Pembina Band of North America, a tribe that did not and does not intend to seek federal prosecution, according to a motion that it filed regarding Crew?s case in the Puyallup Tribal Court in Tacoma, Wash.

    Deputy Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGrane said ?the alleged tribe has no jurisdiction and has no reservation.

    ?Our attorney indicated that they believe their reservation to be everywhere, which is a ridiculous claim,? he said. ?It was ruled a couple of times by judges in this state, in our county, that there was no jurisdiction by this tribe.?

    According to the Manataka American Indian Council Web site, the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band of North America claims to own three-quarters of North Dakota and parts of Minnesota.

    To prevent Crew?s extradition, the tribe filed an injunction and a motion in the Puyallup Tribal Court ? The Daily Courier obtained the documents from the Yavapai County Attorney?s Office ? and the motion states that the Little Shell recognized Crew as its ?enrolled member.? It also cited that Deputy Yavapai County Attorney Tom Thurston claimed that Crew is not Native American.

    ?Crew applied and was granted removal from the Yavapai County Superior Court,? the motion states.

    The tribe?s prosecutor then issued an arrest warrant and she surrendered to him and to the Little Shell marshal on Jan. 5, the motion states.

    In a letter to Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, Little Shell Prosecutor Kenneth Wayne wrote that the tribal court arraigned Crew on Jan. 5, and that she ?is being held without bail pending further proceeding of the tribal court.?

    He also requested that the Yavapai County Attorney?s Office ?provide copies of any and all relevant investigative reports, interrogation tapes, and evidentiary materials ? that can aid our court in finding the true facts.?

    After her arraignment, the alleged tribe was making arrangements to house Crew in the Puyallup Tribal Police Department jail while she was awaiting trial in the Little Shell Pembina Band Tribal Court Circuit, the motion states.

    While those negotiations were in progress, the Yavapai County Superior Court issued a warrant for Crew?s arrest, the motion states, and alleges that Puyallup officers kidnapped Crew from the Little Shell Pembina Band jurisdiction. Before it could do anything, they turned its member in to the non-Indian jurisdiction ? the Pierce County Jail, the motion states.

    The motion also alleges that Puyallup not only betrayed the Little Shell Pembina Band, but it also violated its Old Red Lake River Crossing Treaty of 1863.

    Authorities extradited Crew to the Yavapai County Jail on Feb. 17, according to McGrane.

    More twisted insights into this man’s dementia might be found from articles and ads such as these:

    But considering the company he keeps, the truly scary part may be that he’s one of the less detached from reality members of the Little Shell Pembina. I could be wrong there, however.

  5. One thing that most will overlook in ProfHenryHiggins’ post above is that “Freedom County, WA” doesn’t actually exist. It’s been proposed by the ultra right wing in Washington State for years with petitions submitted to get the proposal on the ballot. They never actually manage to do so due to a lack of signatures but Leaming still apparently fancies himself as the “Sheriff’s Counsel”, a position I’ve never heard of….at least in Washington.

    The proposal does have some more mainstream support. Mainly from dairy farmers and other rural interests who feel their concerns are not heard by the left of center leaning city folks.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Freedom County is a secessionist portion of Snohomish County, Washington, United States declared to exist as of April 23, 1995.[by whom?] Its existence has not been recognized by Snohomish County, the state of Washington, or the federal government. The “county seat” is Arlington, Washington.”


    There are 47 cases on the Yavapai County, AZ court docket record with the last name of Leaming so he apparently has ties to that area, or so it would seem. I did not see any under his name but it might be a good place to poke around.

  6. The Pledgebank seminar ad in the Professor’s post above listed:

    “I would like to host/speak at a seminar on this location and fill the hotel with liberty minded people.”

    “I will also seek guest speakers who may include: Joe Bannister; Bernard Von N. (Liberty Dollar); Cornforth; Judge Nevin Naidu; Marc Stevens; and other liberty leaders.”

    Liberty Dollar was raided by the Feds in 2007, including the Secret Service and it’s founder charged with Federal crimes in 2009.


    Of course, Nevin leads to the ADL site and a blurb on Leaming.

    “Kenneth “Keny” Wayne Leaming (Tribal Prosecuting Attorney). Leaming, a self-described “recognized international lawyer” and “Attorney in Fact” is a Spanaway, Washington-based former deputy sheriff and member of the Civil Rights Task Force, a sovereign citizen group that has used badges and raid jackets to resemble law enforcement officers. His CRTF partner, David Carroll Stephenson, was ordered by a federal court in March 2004 to stop promoting an alleged tax scam that allowed people to avoid an estimated $43 million in federal income taxes.”


    More twisted insights into this man’s dementia might be found from articles and ads such as these:

  7. Patrick, can we start our own sovereign tribe? The benefits are unending! I wanna be the tribe’s Shaman. I already have the costume, and have been needing a place to wear it!!

  8. What a bunch of very unpleasant freaks (!!)

  9. Hi Patrick

    I found another name linked to Leaming. A Kalvosia Maples, who apparently witnessed a document in Sept. 09 for him, along with the other 2 names you mentioned. Don’t know if she is a notary as well, but I’m sure she is.

  10. All I can find out about Kalvosia is that she’s in her late 60s or early 70s, in Seattle or the immediate surburbs.

    A note… the Cornforth that Leaming referred to would be fraudulent “legal expert” Richard Cornforth.

    And I see that the ADL article leaves out a lot of the Little Shell’s more recent schemes. Audie Watson and his citizenship for sale scam that got him and two accomplices jailed in Florida, for instance. Michael Howard Reed and the attempts to spring operators of crystal meth labs from their trials, as well as the Gold Quest International Ponzi scheme shenanigans posing as a foreign “Attorney General.” Mary Lou “Mal” Gentry with her massive cash gifting and quack science promotions, plus ties to organized crime group Connecting Us All. The Three Hebrew Boys were members of Little Shell, too, if I recall aright.

    They did include Shawn Rice, http://www.adl.org/learn/extremism_in_the_news/Anti_Government/davis+rice+lindsey+call.htm?LEARN_Cat=Extremism&LEARN_SubCat=Extremism_in_the_News

    Also see https://patrickpretty.com/2009/09/06/update-sham-attorney-general-in-indian-case-sought-17-trillion-from-sec-wikipedia-says-he-was-jailed-in-nevada-for-attempted-murder-other-charges/

  11. I already have the costume, and have been needing a place to wear it!!

    We’d let you,

    except for the fact the costume clashes badly with the mesh stockings and high heels.

  12. We’d let you,except for the fact the costume clashes badly with the mesh stockings and high heels.  

    Bingo – so I get the part after all!

  13. I happen to look quite lovely, I’ll have you to know !!! Hmmmmph !! (He says indignantly) LOL.. Besides, I cannot find high heels in my size!

  14. A Washington state man emerging as a figure in the AdSurfDaily forfeiture case claimed a small town targeted him for “DEATH” and threatened to kill him by “HUNTING” him down “in screaming packs and mobs” and using “several armed street gangs” that served as police, according to records.

    Wouldn’t that be filed under “That’s what happens” ???

    Delusional sociopaths, as part of their makeup, have a complete lack of understanding that their behavior/s will have consequences and that “getting away with” something will be only short term, at best.

    Even the most cursory examination of recent history would reveal large numbers of fraudsters who would likely still be free if they hadn’t started to believe their own lies and forgotten their exit strategy.

    IM(very)HO, it won’t be long until one of these scammers DOES suffer at the hands of his victims.

  15. […] earlier story on Kenneth Wayne Leaming. See another one. Leaming, who claims to practice maritime law but appears never to have attended […]

  16. […] 2009, AdSurfDaily figure and purported “sovereign citizen” Kenneth Wayne Leaming claimed a city in Washington state targeted him for “DEATH” and threatened to kill him by “HUNTING” him down “in screaming […]