Bowdoin’s Purported Fundraising ‘Army’ Misses ‘Revised’ Launch Date; Site Now Advertises ‘Final Revised Launch Date’ Of July 26

A website that says it is raising “required” defense funds for accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin of AdSurfDaily now has missed its second launch date and claims it is working on a third.

Dubbed “Andy’s Fundraising Army,” the site first advertised a launch date of “on or before” July 15. It then advertised a “revised” launch date of July 20 (yesterday).

The site now is advertising a “Final Revised Launch Date” of July 26.

“As of today, July 20th, the launching of the Official Website for Andy’s Fundraising Army is almost here, as the Website is now fully completed except for one last important system is being finalized that correctly takes your donations Online (via credit and debit cards) and gets these funds safely transferred into the Attorney Trust Account,” the site says.

In May 2008 — while addressing a crowd at an ASD company “rally” in Las Vegas — Bowdoin defined himself as a “money magnet” and thanked God for making him one.

Among his claims from the stage was that the letter “e” in the words “success” and “failure” stood for “energy” (and also “effort”).

“And if you take it and focus it, it’s gonna turn your financial area in your life into dollars and cents,” Bowdoin said from the Vegas stage.

Bowdoin’s purported “army” says the accused swindler soon will release a new video as part of a bid to raise “the Legal Defense Fund minimum requirement of $500,000.”

In December, Bowdoin, 76, was indicted on charges of wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities. Federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia said he disguised a securities business as an “advertising” service and conducted a multifaceted, international Ponzi scheme that gathered at least $110 million.

A purported “preview” site that gives visitors a glimpse at what the actual fundraising site will look like on July 26 claims the government is guilty of “Wrong Doing” and “SUPRESSION OF ALL ASD MEMBERS.”

If the purported fundraising site does launch on July 26, the launch will occur just two days short of the third anniversary of a significant date in ASD history.

On July 28, 2008, a Bowdoin shell company known as Bowdoin/Harris Enterprises purchased a 2009 Lincoln MKS for $48,244.03. The money for the car came from ASD Ponzi proceeds, according to federal prosecutors.

The state of Florida later dissolved Bowdoin/Harris. It also dissolved ASD.

Bowdoin/Harris became a corporation on June 5, 2008 — just days after the conclusion of the May 31 Las Vegas rally, according to records.

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2 Responses to “Bowdoin’s Purported Fundraising ‘Army’ Misses ‘Revised’ Launch Date; Site Now Advertises ‘Final Revised Launch Date’ Of July 26”

  1. Whether it’s an illegal ponzi or a fundraising website for his defense its always the same story. Almost there…revised final launch date…upgrading our lightning fast system…the excuses keep coming. Maybe he should think about hiring a legitimate programmer/web hosting company. Oh I forgot he doesn’t have the money….yeah right.

    Isn’t Tari Steward the same guy who ran Millionaire Marketing? He handed out those million dollar bills at the Miami rally. I wonder how Andy is paying him.

  2. I wonder if the same “nephews” are doing this website as well??