UPDATE: Firearms Were Found At Arrest Scene Of Kenneth Wayne Leaming Last Week, Prosecutors Say: Will ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Face Additional Charges In Wake Of Accusations He Filed Bogus Liens Against Public Officials Involved In AdSurfDaily Ponzi Case?

Kenneth Wayne Leaming, also known as "Kenneth Wayne"Seven firearms were found last week at the scene of the arrest of Kenneth Wayne Leaming in Spanaway, Wash., the office of U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan of the Western District of Washington said last night.

Durkan’s office said it could not discuss whether the government was contemplating taking the firearms matter before a grand jury. Leaming, a purported “sovereign citizen,” was arrested by the FBI last week on charges that he filed bogus liens against five public officials involved in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case.

The FBI filed the false-liens charges via a 17-page criminal complaint. Information about the alleged presence of firearms came out during testimony at a detention hearing for Leaming last week, Durkan’s office said.

Prosecutors argued in court filings last week that Leaming was a “serious” flight risk who posed a risk to public safety, and a judge found after hearing testimony from two government witnesses that Leaming lacked an “appropriate residence.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Richard Creatura ordered Leaming detained, finding that “no condition or combination of conditions which defendant can meet will reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant as required and/or the safety of any other person and the community.”

Creatura specifically found that Leaming’s history included a “failure to comply with Court orders and terms of supervision” that evolved from a previous case and that Leaming lacked an “appropriate residence.”

Leaming, 55, pleaded guilty in March 2005  to a federal felony of piloting an aircraft without a valid airman’s certificate, according to records. He spent 31 days in jail, and was formally sentenced in August 2005 to time served. Leaming also was placed on probation for a year. On at least two occasions after his guilty plea and sentencing, Leaming was brought up on charges of violating the conditions of his probation, according to federal records.

On one of the occasions in which he violated his probation, Leaming claimed he had “diplomatic status or immunity.” On another occasion, he filed a “vexatious lawsuit lien or retaliatory complaint,” according to the FBI

Leaming has been detained at the Sea Tac Federal Detention Center near Seattle since his arrest eight days ago.

Nearly three years after Leaming pleaded guilty to having no pilot’s license while flying a Cessna aircraft repeatedly between 2002 and 2004, he filed a document styled in part as “NOTARY PRESENTMENT OF: BONDED REPORT OF FRAUDULENT SECURITIES” in a bid to overturn his conviction in the aircraft-piloting case, according to court filings.

The document, dated June 3, 2008, and placed in the court record six days later, named the judge who sentenced Leaming in the case a “3rd Party Respondent.” Five other individuals also were named “3rd Party Respondent[s].”

“COMES NOW the man, Kenneth Wayne, of the family LEAMING, to provide the above titled ‘court’ (BANK) and its named officers a  BONDED REPORT OF FRAUDULENT SECURITIES, and to provide said officers an opportunity to SUA SPONTE vacate the entire record of ‘prosecution,’ ‘conviction’ and ‘sentence’ upon which the fraudulent securities were issued,” the document began.

It went on to accuse the judge and others of “BARRATRY” and to argue that the court in the Western District of Washington through which his conviction was recorded was “actually a bank” and a “commercial” enterprise.

A plea bargain that had led to Leaming’s guilty plea three years earlier was forced on him under “THREAT OF DEATH,” Leaming argued unsuccessfully.

The June 2008 document was notarized by Tina M. Hall, according to the stamp. In January 2010 and February 2010 — approaching two years after Hall’s name appeared in Leaming’s pleadings in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington — her name appeared on the court docket of U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer in the civil portion of the ASD Ponzi case in the District of Columbia. Those filings, which were rejected, were styled “Claim by Notary Presentment.”

Collyer is presiding over both the criminal and the civil aspects of the ASD Ponzi case. ASD President Andy Bowdoin, 77, was arrested by the U.S. Secret Service in December 2010. Bowdoin is scheduled to go on trial on charges of mail fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities in September 2012.

Leaming now is accused of filing a bogus lien against Collyer in Pierce County, Wash., nearly 3,000 miles from the District of Columbia. The state of Washington revoked Hall’s notary license last year, according to records.

Leaming also is accused of filing bogus liens against the federal prosecutors and the Secret Service agent involved in the ASD case.

Among the allegations against Leaming is that he sent an email in May 2011 to David Carroll Stephenson, a former business partner and a federal prisoner. That email referenced the “kids” of U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts and their “school,” according to the complaint against Leaming.

“In this email,” the FBI agent who sought Leaming’s arrest in the false-liens case wrote, “I believe that LEAMING is offering to file documents on Stephenson’s behalf, including sending them to the Chief Justice, via his minor children.”

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  2. What always gets me is these guys pick and chose the parts of the law or Constitution that they agree with, especially the 2nd Amendment. But they disregard the rest, like a petulant child not wanting to go to bed when told, “I don’t wanna…..and you can’t make me”. In this case, Davenport will get the opportunity it grace a federal jail cell for a long, long time.