URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: Florida Federal Judge Grants Government Motion To Transfer Lawsuit Filed By AdSurfDaily Figures Todd Disner And Dwight Owen Schweitzer To District Of Columbia; Ruling May Put Case In Hands Of Judge Collyer

URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: A federal judge has granted the government’s request to transfer from Florida to the District of Columbia a lawsuit against the United States filed by AdSurfDaily figures Todd Disner and Dwight Owen Schweitzer.

The ruling today by U.S. District Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga of the Southern District of Florida deals a blow to Disner and Schweitzer, who earlier argued that federal prosecutors had gone shopping for a “frendly [sic] forum” in the District of Columbia when bringing the ASD Ponzi case in 2008 after an investigation by the U.S. Secret Service.

Altonaga’s ruling may mean that U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer — whom ASD President Andy Bowdoin and purported “sovereign” being Curtis Richmond tried unsuccessfully to have removed from the case for alleged bias — will preside over the Disner/Schweitzer complaint.

Disner and Schweitzer, who raised the prospect they could be charged with tax evasion, argued to Altonaga that their Constitutional rights were violated when the government seized the ASD database in 2008.

” . . . the Court finds that Plaintiffs can litigate their claims in the District of Columbia without undue inconvenience or prejudice,” Altonaga ruled. “The public interest factors also favor transfer, given the District of Columbia’s extensive familiarity with the forfeiture proceedings that gave rise to this action. In view of that familiarity, the District of Columbia is in a better position to efficiently judge whether Plaintiffs’ case warrants dismissal or whether the Government’s actions constituted an unreasonable search and seizure of Plaintiffs’ property in violation of the Fourth Amendment and other statutory requirements.”

In her ruling today, Altonaga noted that Disner and Schweitzer already have claimed they’d try to have Collyer removed from the case if made its way from Florida into her courtroom.

Disner and Schweitzer sued the government in November 2011, bringing their action in the Southern District of Florida and arguing that ASD was not a Ponzi scheme and that prosecutors and the Secret Service had authored a “tissue of lies” in the District of Columbia. About seven months later — in May 2012 — Bowdoin pleaded guilty to wire fraud before Collyer, who’d earlier ordered the forfeiture of more than $80 million in the civil portion of the case.

In a statement of offense, Bowdoin acknowledged ASD was a Ponzi scheme that never operated lawfully from its 2006 inception. He remained free after his guilty plea, but Collyer ordered him jailed in June 2012, after prosecutors presented evidence that Bowdoin continued to foist scams (AdViewGlobal and OneX) on the public even after the seizure of tens of millions of dollars in the ASD case and even after he was arrested on Ponzi charges in December 2010.

Bowdoin has been held at a local jail facility in the District of Columbia since last month. His formal sentencing on the Ponzi-related charge of wire fraud is set for Aug. 29 before Collyer.

After their ASD days, Disner and Schweitzer became pitchmen for the Zeek Rewards “program,” which has an ASD-like compensation scheme. In arguing that ASD was not a Ponzi scheme, Disner and Schweitzer relied on an opinion from purported MLM expert Keith Laggos, whom Zeek now claims as a consultant.


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  1. Mr Patrick Pretty et al,
    If you would like to talk and write about the “real” criminals, here is real research and a story worth talking about, other then your Pro-US Government Tyranny activities you support on a constant basis. You well know that the ASD case is a false flag upon the 118,000+ American people that put hard earned and taxed money into a real business. You by association and in support of the US Government and all of its cronies (animals like you), is making you and your company criminals also. You have caused for so much libel, defamation and slander, we should stuff your big mouth with soap and then so.

    People like you and your staff, will also have their days coming, where reality will find its home, so you may start reporting about the real criminals you total nerd you!

    The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History:
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    The Department of Justice — home of the US Marshals — has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history… after a highly covert three-year investigation.

    The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases — and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow.

    now this is worth writing about, why don’t you?


  2. now this is worth writing about, why don’t you?

    No it’s not…..it’s far more fun to watch scammers like you cry like the little bitch you are. His reports are directed firmly where they belong.

  3. So we have “anonymous” post that we are to take his/her comments seriously but won’t use their real name? Seriously?

    But the lid has been blown off the biggest financial scandal in human history? That remains to be seen. But instead of jumping to conclusions that Patrick would not cover this story, you should have waited to see for sure.

    This is a story that is still being played out, and it has a long way to go before the truth will be known.

    But it still does not change the fact that ASD was a Ponzi, and Andy will soon receive what he deserves. The only question is will there be more who will face the consequences of promoting a Ponzi. Hopefully Andy will not be the only to face charges in this Ponzi.

  4. I’m writing a book about my experience with affinity fraud in Utah. One of the most consistent aspects of a Ponzi fraud is that the investors who didn’t get paid as much as they thought they deserved are angry at the authorities for shutting down the fraud. Happens every time. They are as much perpetrator as victim.

    Has anyone seen Curtis Richmond lately?

  5. Whip’s comment is cracking me up. Enjoy prison Andy!

  6. Quick note: “Anonymous,” now dialing up his bid to harass this Blog and send menacing communications, is trying to post with a different email address and IP.

    So, I’ve blocked him.

    He would like my readers to know I’m an “Undercover Agent,” a “nerd,” a “joke,” a “total loser” and that the 1,704 posts on this Blog are meaningless.

    “This entire website is a hoax, there is just enough twisted info to confuse people, and people like you are the exact profile Patrick Pretty is doing dance with,” Anonymous ventures.

    He further ventures:

    “Research Bankers Manifesto of 1892 – this will give you a clue. Most people are to naive to figure in how the world is set up. Any and all stolen funds by the US Government and its cronies (like in ASD) are called “sanction funds”, which allows them to use that money for trading purposes in offshore jurisdictions, so they can fund black ops and website like this joker Patrick Pretty. Former Pentagon Generals sitting in London are the ones operating those PONZI scams for the USG, FBI, SS etc.

    “You people have no clue, so stay in your warm poop, if that makes you feel better. Enjoy a great day and smell it – I’m sure you enjoy it.”


  7. No wonder he/she wants to remain anonymous with all those conspirators on the loose.

  8. Hello, “Anonymous”;

    With all due respect, after reading your comment above, an old saying came to mind:”[It’s] Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.”

    Your rant is unconvincing – and to my mind makes you seem to be a fool. Either that or delusional. You may want to reconsider your approach if you expect to have anyone accept your point of view.


  9. It’s a good thing we finally outlawed lead paint, ain’t it?

  10. Did you know Thomas Edison received a patent for his “two way telegraph” in August 1892 ???

    Coincidence ????

    Or was Edison in on the conspiracy, as well ??

  11. Heh, “anonymous” sounds like he might be interested in investing in the Iraqi Dinar. *snicker*

    Seriously, the dude sounds unhinged.