UPDATE: 1-Percent-A-Day Ponzi Schemer Andy Bowdoin Of AdSurfDaily In Custody Of U.S. Marshals And On Way To Federal Prison

Andy Bowdoin's booking photo in the District of Columbia.

Convicted AdSurfDaily Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin is in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service and is listed “in transit” to a federal detention facility, according to court filings and the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

Where Bowdoin, 77, will do his time has not yet been revealed. But a criminal judgment against Bowdoin signed Sept. 21 by U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer included a recommendation that Bowdoin be incarcerated “at a Low or Minimum Security facility near Tallahassee,” Fla.

Bowdoin’s ASD, which purported to pay members 1 percent a day, operated in Quincy, Fla., a short drive from Tallahassee.

On Aug. 29, Collyer sentenced Bowdoin to 78 months. He pleaded guilty to a Ponzi-related charge of wire fraud in May and admitted ASD was a Ponzi scheme.

Bowdoin had been held at a jail in the District of Columbia since June 12, the date his bond was revoked after federal prosecutors proffered evidence that he continued to commit crimes after the U.S. Secret Service raided ASD in 2008.

The Secret Service said last month that it also was investigating Zeek Rewards, another 1-percent-a-day-plus “program.” The SEC has described Zeek as a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid scheme.

ASD gathered at least $119 million, according to court filings.

Zeek and ASD are known to have had members in common.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: 1-Percent-A-Day Ponzi Schemer Andy Bowdoin Of AdSurfDaily In Custody Of U.S. Marshals And On Way To Federal Prison”

  1. Here are the two Facilities that are close to Tallahassee

    The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Marianna, Florida, is a medium security facility housing male inmates. An adjacent satellite prison camp houses minimum security female offenders.

    FCI Marianna is located in the Florida panhandle, 5 miles north of the town of Marianna and 65 miles west of Tallahassee, off Highway 167.

    Judicial District: Northern Florida
    The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) – Low in Coleman is a low security facility housing male inmates. It is part of the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex.

    FCI Coleman is located in central Florida approximately 50 miles northwest of Orlando, 60 miles northeast of Tampa, and 35 miles south of Ocala. The FCC is located south of the town of Coleman, off Highway 301.

    Judicial District: Middle Florida

    The other FCI that is Low is in Pensacola (Eglin)

  2. Jack,

    There is an FCI in Tallahassee:

    The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Tallahassee, Florida, is a low security facility housing female inmates with an adjacent detention center that houses administrative security level male inmates.

    FCI Tallahassee is located 3 miles east of downtown Tallahassee on US Highway 319.

    Judicial District: Northern Florida

    He may well end up there, or he may end up in one you mentioned. So far, VINE still shows him located in DC.

  3. The other facility next to FCI Tally is high security for those awaiting trial or being moved between FCI’s. There is no male facility in Tallahassee that is low or medium security.

    Every time I go to the doctor or take my daughter to one of her appointments I pass right by the prison and the Security Facility. I was across the road from the High Security Facility the day a guard who was going to be arrested for improper conduct with many of the female inmates took out his gun and started shooting killing a US Marshal and wounding two others before he was shot and killed.

  4. Well what was interesting to me was his being listed as being black on the tranfer notice. So are we sure it is the same Andy Bowdoin?