UPDATES: (1) Cyberstalker Resurfaces To Claim The Zeek ‘Defense Fund Is Snowballing’ And To Accuse PP Blog And Supporters Of Communism; (2) Blog Receives Separate Email That Plants Seed It Is A ‘Mercenary/Assassin For The SEC & NCAG’; (3) A Series Of Death Threats

A cyberstalker who has used more than a dozen usernames and bogus email addresses to send harassing communications to the PP Blog resurfaced today after an absence of days.

The stalker appears to be sending unwanted communications from a series of IPs in the region of Columbus, Ohio.

Today’s would-be posting bid was targeted at a Sept. 26 story thread titled “SEC Says Zeek Probe ‘Is Continuing’; Agency Updates Information Page.”

Here is what the would-be poster claimed (italics added):

Not even a road bump in the affiliates vs the SEC. The amount of support is snowballing. The defense fund is snowballing, and you guys will look so f’n stupid for your communist thought process. down with this stupid website and it’s little communist followers.

The communication was received at 11:37 a.m. EDT.

Earlier, at 10:19 a.m., the PP Blog received a strange Zeek-related email that appears to quote an individual dubbed “Steel.”

Among the claims attributed to “Steel” was this one (italics added):

In fact, your [sic] creating this un-substantiated linkage between ASD & Zeek, makes you look more like a mercenary/assassin for the SEC & [North Carolina Attorney General] than an impartial observer and reporter.

These words appeared below the section of the email attributed to “Steel” (italics added):

Individually We Are Weak – Together We Are Strong[.] We Can Win This Battle & We Will Win The Zeek War.

The PP Blog is reporting tonight that, on Aug. 6, it received a disturbing communication that “mercenaries” needed to be “[sent] out” to “take out those corrupt bankers, USG politicians, agents, judges and attorney’s that cause us all harm and demages [sic].”

That communication went on to identify three prominent U.S. politicians — all of whom no longer are in office — and questioned why “[Prominent Politician A’s Name Deleted by PP Blog] and both [Prominent Politician B and C’s Names deleted by PP Blog] [are] still alive and running around?”

The PP Blog reported the disturbing email to a U.S. law-enforcement agency. The Blog is declining to identify the office once held by the prominent politicians.

“JUST LOOK AT the insane NAZI driven USA,” the email read in part.

On Aug. 29, the PP Blog received a death threat targeted at another individual. The Blog reported that communication, as well.

On Aug. 30, the PP Blog itself received a death threat. Here is part of that message, which incongruously ended with a smilie (italics added):

. . . we don’t need to worry because we will pay Mr Patrick Pretty a visit. He is already under the sniper’s cross-hair and he will go down. :)

The Aug. 30 death threat appears to be related to the Blog’s coverage of “Profit Clicking,” the “program” that evolved from JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid.

ProfitClicking/JSS/JBP, AdSurfDaily and Zeek are known to have had members in common.

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4 Responses to “UPDATES: (1) Cyberstalker Resurfaces To Claim The Zeek ‘Defense Fund Is Snowballing’ And To Accuse PP Blog And Supporters Of Communism; (2) Blog Receives Separate Email That Plants Seed It Is A ‘Mercenary/Assassin For The SEC & NCAG’; (3) A Series Of Death Threats”

  1. HA !!

    You think this is bad ???

    Just imagine what will happen when he/she reaches puberty.

  2. Hey, Columbus is just about 80 miles from the well armed bunker complex, if this guy wants to come try the perimeter to get past the killer dachshund.

    Feel lucky, Sparky?

  3. Just another example of the cult like followings of these scams. Many of these communications are composed at less than a sixth grade level. A fine demonstration of the people who involve themselves and claim to be fighting for justice. In actuality, they are fighting for their money, big difference.

    Zeek is not coming back, the SEC never said they didn’t have a case, and those promoting these beliefs and making these threats need to be charged criminally.

  4. Just picked myself up of the floor after suffering the inevitable fit of uncontrolled laughter at the image of Patrick dressed up in Russian uniform to celebrate Stalin’s birthday parade.

    To the writer who thinks linking the principal promoters of Zeek with ASD, I can only comment that, apart from the obvious presence of Disner and Schweitzer, when I received numerous emails from various known Bowdoin/ASD supporters (AFTER his criminal past was revealed and the true facts were known) inviting me to join Zeek, I can only assume that they had a lot of major promoters in common. It’s either that or there are a lot of serial ponzi promotor impersonators around.