ASD Figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming’s Birther Lawsuit Against Obama, Holder Gets Tossed

Screen shot: Part of the Leaming/Stephenson complaint demanding gold and silver.

After he was charged with filing false liens and other crimes and jailed near Seattle, AdSurfDaily story figure and purported “sovereign citizen” Kenneth Wayne Leaming apparently thought it prudent to sue President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Leaming, 56, advanced a theory that Obama was not born in the United States, was not eligible to be President and had appointed Holder unlawfully.

It therefore followed, according to Leaming and co-plaintiff and former business colleague David Carroll Stephenson, that Holder was “Personating [sic] the Attorney General of the United States” and could not lawfully appoint or delegate authority to “Any United States Attorney.”

And because Holder had oversight responsibility over the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Washington that had brought the criminal charges against Leaming and Stephenson after an FBI probe, the duo apparently surmised, it followed that the prosecution was unlawful and should be declared “VOID For FRAUD” because the U.S. Attorney also is “personating” [sic] a federal officer.

In their June lawsuit, Leaming and Stephenson demanded compensation in “gold” and “silver” for each day they allegedly were held unlawfully. Over time, the docket of the case swelled to more than 30 entries.

On Oct. 11, however, U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik dismissed the Leaming/Stephenson lawsuit “for failure to identify any viable claim for relief.”

The judge also ordered “all pending motions” stricken as moot.

Leaming and Stephenson remain jailed near Seattle.

In court filings earlier this month, federal prosecutors said Leaming was instrumental in founding the “County Rangers,” a “sovereign group’s armed enforcement wing.”

He is charged with filing false liens against at least five federal officials involved in the prosecution of the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme, which the U.S. Secret Service described as a fraud operated by Andy Bowdoin that had gathered at least $119 million.

Bowdoin, 77, was sentenced in August to 78 months in federal prison.

Leaming initially was arrested by the FBI in November 2011. He was indicted in January 2012 on charges of filing false liens, harboring fugitives, possessing firearms as a convicted felon and uttering a bogus “Bonded Promissory Note” with a face value of $1 million and depositing it in U.S. Bank.

Stephenson, a tax fraudster already jailed when Leaming was arrested and jailed, worked with Leaming to file false liens against U.S. prison officials, prosecutors said.

See Nov. 27, 2011, PP Blog story that outlines FBI allegations that Leaming was discussing a way to serve Stepenson-related papers on U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts through the school attended by his children, who are minors.

Roberts is the top judicial officer in the United States.

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8 Responses to “ASD Figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming’s Birther Lawsuit Against Obama, Holder Gets Tossed”

  1. Seeing the chicken scratch makes me instantly think of this old school commercial:

  2. I wonder if either Leaming or Stephenson thought they would win the case??

  3. I would have to think they did. Why go through all that effort to embarrass yourself?

  4. Maybe to prove insanity??

  5. Whip: Why go through all that effort to embarrass yourself?

    They have no choice.

    They still have a handful of loyal supporters who believe their nonsense.

    To maintain any sort of credibility, they have to at least be seen to be doing something.

    At least this way, they can keep the sycophants happy by claiming “we did our best but the corrupt Ebil Gubmint used all its’ power to suppress our sovrin rights”

  6. Wizzard7: Leaming filed an appeal before the case was even dismissed.No.: 12-72835
    D.C. No.: 2:12-cv-01090-RSL-JPD
    Short Title: Kenneth Leaming v. USDC-WWS

    I meant to say he filed a “writ of Mandamus”

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