WTOL Introduces Middle America To The Profitable Sunrise HYIP Scheme; Graphic Shows 3-Tiered Affiliate Program On Top Of Absurd Payout

From the WTOL report.

From the WTOL report.

During its 11 p.m. newscast yesterday, WTOL (CBS/Toledo) aired a report titled “Holy Rip-Off” about the alleged Profitable Sunrise HYIP scam. The report, which began with images of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff playing in the background, focused on alleged Profitable Sunrise pitchwoman Nanci Jo Frazer of Bryan, Ohio. Frazer and her NJF Global Group are referenced in Profitable Sunrise-related regulatory actions that brought the alleged scam to a halt, but have not been charged.

It’s easy to imagine that many people in WTOL’s audience will be surprised to learn that groups of individuals were pushing Profitable Sunrise and its absurd purported daily rates of return with a straight face. Among the Profitable Sunrise offerings was the bizarrely named “Long Haul” plan that promised interest of 2.7 percent a day that could be compounded. That Profitable Sunrise also traded on faith may bring a special blend of horror to the station’s Middle America viewers.

Still, it won’t be the maximum horror. Indeed, the SEC has alleged that Profitable Sunrise pitchmen may not even have known the identity of the person or persons running the “program” from a “mail drop” in England.

Indeed, a situation has evolved in which self-identified Christians apparently were targeting other Christians with promises of daily payouts that would make Madoff gag — and from all indications were doing so without even knowing for whom they were working as the offer spread virally over the Internet.

Whether purported Profitable Sunrise operator “Roman Novak” even exists still isn’t known.

Then, of course, there is the question about the final destination of purported tens of millions of dollars directed at the “program,” which was pitched in part from well-known forums referenced in U.S. court filings as places from which massive Ponzi and fraud schemes are promoted.

Within hours of an action brought by North Carolina against Profitable Sunrise weeks ago, a poster on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum said this:

“lol @ NC officials.” (See Comments thread in this PP Blog March 1 story.)

As the story has continued to unfold, an element or elements within NJF Global Group appears to be trying to blame critics for the demise of the “program,” as though the 2.7-percent-a-day “Long Haul” and four other absurd plans were entirely rational and didn’t warrant any scrutiny at all.  This is occurring against the backdrop of major actions brought against other HYIP “programs” by the U.S. government in recent years, including Zeek Rewards last year. Zeek allegedly planted the seed it paid an average of 1.5 percent a day, about half of the purported return of the Profitable Sunrise “Long Haul” plan.

One of the issues posed by Profitable Sunrise is the issue of willful blindness among promoters. If Zeek was a scam at 1.5 percent a day, for instance, how could Profitable Sunrise not be one with “plans” that dwarfed the returns of Zeek?

It is known that Profitable Sunrise had promoters in common with Zeek. Some of the promotional ties among various HYIP programs date back at least to the AdSurfDaily 1-percent-a-day scheme in 2008. Like Profitable Sunrise, ASD also traded on religion.

As the screen shot (above) from the WTOL report shows, Profitable Sunrise offered a three-tiered, MLM-style referral “program” on top of the absurd interest rates. ASD President Andy Bowdoin is in federal prison for his 2008 scam, which offered a two-tiered referral program on top of an absurd 1-percent-a-day interest rate.

When the U.S. Secret Service exposed the ASD scam, Bowdoin compared the agency to “Satan” and the raid on ASD’s Florida headquarters to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Earlier — prior to the August 2008 raid — he described himself as a Christian “money magnet” and encouraged prospects to send him tens of thousands of dollars at a time.

Watch WTOL introduce Profitable Sunrise and the early fallout to its audience . . .

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