Anti-Defamation League, One Of First Groups To Warn Public About AdSurfDaily Figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming, Now Says ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Are Forming ‘Vigilante Grand Juries’ And Harassing Public Officials In New York, Florida And Elsewhere

americaatrisk4Kenneth Wayne Leaming, the AdSurfDaily Ponzi story figure and purported “sovereign citizen” now serving eight years in federal prison in part for filing bogus liens against public officials involved in the 2008 ASD case, once claimed the federal judge in Washington state who presided over his criminal trial owed him 208,000 ounces of “99.9% fine silver.”

Among Leaming’s bizarre claims was that the judge was “operating [a] SLAVERY SYSTEM, etc.” Leaming earlier tried unsuccessfully to sue President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Among his bizarre claims in that now-dismissed case was that he and a co-plaintiff — a man in prison on federal tax charges — were owed 12,000 ounces of gold.

After Leaming’s conviction in a 2013 trial in which federal prosecutors said he was channeling deceased cop-killer Christopher Dorner in the courtroom, the judge ordered the forfeiture of items seized from Leaming during an FBI probe of his activities in 2011. Those items included six firearms and police equipment, including badges, credentials, law-enforcement identification documents, light bars, crime-scene tape, handcuffs, vests and nightsticks.

Leaming “client” files also were ordered forfeited. (Some ASD members said Leaming was performing legal work for them, even though he is not an attorney.)

The Anti-Defamation League, which warned the public about Leaming before his name even surfaced in the context of ASD in 2010, now says a different group of purported “sovereign citizens” on the other side of the country is harassing a judge and court clerk in rural Greene County, N.Y. Greene County, in the Catskills, has a population of fewer than 50,000, according to its Wikipedia entry.

From the ADL (italics added):

 . . . common law grand juries claim to have signed a “true bill” charging the chief clerk in Greene County with numerous “crimes” related to her alleged failure to file paperwork for the “grand jury,” according to ADL. They also “fined” a Greene County judge the amount of “100 ounces of silver,” citing 23 separate “violations” for failing to provide demanded documents and refusing to speak to their “board of review,” and allegedly sent harassing documents to a number of judges.

And there might be trouble elsewhere, ADL says.

“[C]ommon law juries in Marion and St. Johns counties in Florida sent a ‘Writ of Mandamus’ to county officials demanding a budget of $1.5 million, office space and equipment and a meeting room with a conference table and chairs,” ADL reports.

Marion County is in North Central Florida in the Ocala region and has a population of about 335,000. St. John’s County is in Northeast Florida in the Jacksonville region and has a population of about 190,000.

There have been reports of violence and extremely menacing behavior involving “sovereign citizens” in Florida. In March 2013, purported “sovereign” Jeffrey Allen Wright was shot to death after pointing a pistol at a sheriff’s SWAT team in Navarre, situated in the Florida panhandle. Wright was wanted on a warrant for counterfeiting.

In November 2013, Tampa-region “sovereign citizen” Eric Holtgard was arrested twice in less than 24 hours, amid allegations he was menacing people with guns. In May 2013, purported “sovereign citizen” Bruce Chalmers Hicks of the Tampa region was arrested on charges that he was carrying a sidearm on the property of Turkey Creek Middle School in Plant City.

Larry M. Myers, a purported “sovereign citizen” and fugitive, was sentenced in 2012 to 78 months in federal prison. Authorities said he was was member of a bogus entity known as “The Constitutional Court of We The People In and For The United States of America” and the “Constitutional Common Law Court.”

“Myers and his co-conspirators mailed a CLC arrest warrant to a Chief Judge of a Florida State court,” the office of the Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration (TIGTA) said. “They also issued a CLC contempt of court order and ‘militia’ arrest warrant to a District Judge.”

“Sovereign citizens” have been claiming judicial and jury authority for years. ADL suggests these elements of the purported “movement” might be gaining steam.

“Adherents of the sovereign citizen movement are forming their own vigilante “grand juries” in counties across the United States in an attempt to exact pressure on local government officials to accede to their anti-government demands and whims,” ADL said yesterday.

“The sovereign citizen group behind this attempt to form bogus grand juries is the National Liberty Alliance, formed in 2011 as the New York Liberty Alliance by sovereign citizen guru John Darash of Poughkeepsie, NY,” ADL says. “It recently launched a nationwide effort to recruit new members, and Darash and his followers have spent most of their time establishing ‘common law grand juries’ in counties across the country. The Liberty Alliance boasts of having 852 county organizers in 36 states and nearly 2,000 members from coast to coast.”


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  1. I’m so happy you keep up with this stuff. :)

    I watched video of a Common Law Grand Jury activist demanding the $1.5 million, office space and equipment, etc.

    The guy making the demands is Rodger Dowdell Jr. He pitches the Fake Grand Jury stuff to the Manatee (FL) County Commissioners. It starts at about the 49 minute mark, and he talks for maybe 5 minutes.

    Choose January 28th video, and cue up to the 49 minute mark:

    I saw one other video from another county, but they didn’t let it go on as long, or really even respond to it at all.

    We follow this stuff here:

    I check in here now and then (when I remember) to see the SovCit articles.

  2. Quick note: In a story dated today, describes John Darash as a “New York Tea Party activist.”

    I’m in the process of reading/digesting several of the documents published by the National Liberty Alliance. It’s a lot of flooey to digest.


  3. You do know that John Darash is a fake name. His real name is John Vidurek. Check out, select forum.