EDITORIAL: TelexFree, Rabbit Holes And Vomit

"man vomiting icon" download provided by OpenClipart.org.

“man vomiting icon” download provided by OpenClipart.org.

TelexFree, an alleged $1.2 billion Ponzi- and pyramid scheme targeted at immigrants, is an exceptionally dangerous MLM malignancy and criminal enterprise. The SEC, the Massachusetts Securities Division and the U.S. Department of Justice have an obligation to society at large to treat TelexFree with maximum legal prejudice and to annihilate it.

This, we believe, is happening.

MSD has filed an action. The SEC has filed an action. The office of the U.S. Trustee, the Justice Department’s watchdog arm in bankruptcy petitions, is seeking to intervene in TelexFree’s Chapter 11 case in Nevada. On Friday, Jordan Maglich of PonziTracker.com reported that the SEC asserted at a key bankruptcy hearing that federal prosecutors also have entered the TelexFree fray through the filing of forfeiture actions.

TelexFree, it seems, finds itself the target of a richly deserved paper-nuking by a government righteously angered by the preposterous “opportunity” and its gaggle of reliably felonious pitchmen.

Regardless, the process of killing TelexFree dead and delivering it to the judiciary for final pronouncement inevitably will create an opportunity for MLM’s criminal wing and robotic Stepfordians to serve up a vomitous spectacle. Members of the public at large should pay close attention to this spectacle and use it to inform their thinking.

EXTREME CAUTION WARRANTED: Watch the rancid TelexFree spectacle from a distance: If you get too close to the ever-hurling Stepfordians and their upstream programmers who load the vomit-inducing talking points, you might find yourself suddenly wondering why your fellow man ever questioned the beauty of Soviet propaganda night at Jonestown. You even could find yourself waxing nostalgically for the Peoples Temple itself.

Like Zeek Rewards and AdSurfDaily before it, TelexFree was a vessel created to divert the wages of the MLM proletariat to the MLM Politburo, known in HYIP scam circles as the “leaders.”  Some of those “leaders” have Ferraris and Hummers and BMWs and blue-chip investment accounts that reportedly contained millions and millions of dollars.

Little wonder some angry affiliates showed up at TelexFree’s broom closet office in Massachusetts to voice their displeasure a mere 12 days before TelexFree filed for bankruptcy protection in Nevada, a state from which TelexFree operated a billion-dollar business through a mailbox.

Merriam-Webster.com defines “rabbit hole” as a “bizarre or difficult state or situation — usually used in the phrase down the rabbit hole.”

In the hours leading up to last week’s key hearing for TelexFree in bankruptcy court, the U.S. Department of Justice saw fit to recommend looking down the TelexFree “rabbit hole.”  Based on the Merriam-Webster definition, our take is that the take of the Justice Department — through U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis —  was practically perfect.

We believe the Justice Department, the SEC and MSD will find Chernobyl, Bhopal and Love Canal down that hole. There’s also a fair chance they’ll find Al Capone wearing an Easter Bunny suit.

TelexFree provided the financial world with a glimpse into what an Extinction Level Event driven by hapless MLM buffoons and their Stepfordian followers might look like. TelexFree was an attack on free enterprise, not an innocent expression of the same.

Kill it. Kill it dead.

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  1. A kind of Telexfree knockoff called Wings Network, with a huge presence here in MA, according to videos on youtube, has been sucking up money from poor immigrants since December. Some greedy promoters are even opening help centers in some location. Initial meetings gethered over 800 people according to a Brazilian newspaper. I’m wondering what can be done about it since it’s an off-shore pyramid shemee born in Portugal.