‘Achieve Community’ Figure Rodney Blackburn Now Touting ‘Tea’; Panel From Video Says It ‘Mitigates HIV’ And ‘Prevents Colds And Flu’

Inset from a video promoting TLC by Rodney Blackburn on YouTube.

Inset from a video promoting TLC’s “laso” tea by Rodney Blackburn on YouTube.

UPDATED 3:08 P.M. ET U.S.A. Fresh from the alleged “Achieve Community” pyramid- and Ponzi scheme, the apparent collapse of “Trinity Lines” and potential debacles involving “BRING THE BACON HOME,” “Unison Wealth” and others, Rodney Blackburn now is promoting a “tea” purported to mitigate HIV.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

The tea, called “laso,” is offered by an MLM “program” known as “Total Life Changes” or TLC, Blackburn says.

Laso also “prevents colds and flu,” “prevents cardiovascular diseases” and reduces cancer risks, according to footage from Blackburn’s TLC promo on YouTube.

At the same time, according to the 11:48 Blackburn promo titled “Total Life Changes – Rodney’s Review,” the tea tackles weight loss, combats aging, “helps in Herpes treatment,” “prevents high blood pressure,” “prevents wrinkles,” “alleviates asthma,” “removes intestinal sludge,” “removes parasites” and plenty more.

The tea, according to Blackburn’s promo, also is “good for reducing diabetes” and even participates in the battle against tooth decay,

On Feb. 12 in a sealed court filing, the SEC described “Achieve Community” as a scheme engaged in securities fraud. A federal judge approved an asset freeze, and one or more Achieve-related criminal investigations are under way. “Trinity Lines” then went missing, and so did a bunch of Blackburn promos for other schemes.

A Blackburn sales video for TLC, however, appeared yesterday. Blackburn suggests in the production that he’s interested in returning to his MLM roots after taking HYIPs out for a ride. He previously claimed that 97 percent of people lose money in MLMs — this in a video in which he was touting multiple HYIP schemes and practically daring the SEC to investigate.

Earlier this year Blackburn was touting something called “Military Medical Relief 21,” or MMR21, a “program” aimed at military personnel. Those promos also disappeared.

“Mitigates HIV,” Blackburn says of the tea, after narrating other purported claims about its medicinal power.

“I mean, strengthens your memory — all sorts of things,” the huckster continues. “They have twenty-six different benefits.”

Read the definition of “mitigate” at dictionary.reference.com. (One of the meanings is “to make less severe.”)

Whether an MLM tea can make HIV “less severe” and do all the other things advertised in Blackburn’s video is an open question.

From a YouTube pitch for TLC's "laso" tea by Rodney Blackburn.

From a YouTube pitch for TLC’s “laso” tea by Rodney Blackburn.


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