Now, ‘TelexMOB’

TelexMoblogoUPDATED 11:25 A.M. EDT U.S.A. Something calling itself “TelexMOB” has established a web presence this month. A logo resembling that of TelexFree — an alleged Ponzi- and pyramid scheme said to have gathered $1.8 billion across national borders — appears on the site. was first with the news today.

The PP Blog has sent requests for comment to three government agencies and to Stephen B. Darr, the court-appointed trustee in the TelexFree bankruptcy case. The Blog will post the responses, if received.

Update 10:10 a.m. EDT U.S.A. “I have no comment, since I have no knowledge of TelexMOB,” Darr said in an email this morning.

Update 11:25 a.m. EDT U.S.A. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this morning declined to comment on TelexMOB. (Original story continues below . . .)

It is not unusual for knockoff schemes to emerge in the HYIP sphere in the aftermath of a collapse, a disappearing act or a government action. Examples of this include the infamous JSSTripler 2 scheme, a scam riding on the name of the JSSTripler/JustBeenPaid scheme, which advertised an annual return of 730 percent in 2012.

Content appears on the TelexMOB website in English and Portuguese. Some of the English is fractured. A 16-page pdf handout on the site is written in Portuguese. The last two words in the pdf, however, are in English.

“Welcome Back,” it reads, potentially a direct appeal to TelexFree participants.

The site appears to be using a New Zealand privacy service. The servers may be in the United States.

JSSTripler 2 was memorable for reasons beyond its knockoff name. In January 2012, for example, it sparked legendary HYIP huckster Faith Sloan to call “Ken Russo,” another legendary huckster, a “crybaby.”

A claim of Dengue Fever accompanied the JSSTripler2 scheme.

Sloan published a JSSTripler 2 earnings calculator. She’d later become a defendant in the SEC’s civil case against TelexFree, filed in April 2014.

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  1. Quick note: There is an “R” symbol in the TelexMOB logo. There does not appear to be a corresponding entry in the TESS database maintained by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


  2. Quick note. Promos for TelexMOB are appearing on Twitter, with links to Facebook and at least one other site. So, it’s yet another scheme spreading on social media, despite all the warnings.

    Here is a Mercattel promo (in Spanish) that I accessed through Twitter this morning. Mercattel is a classified-advertising site:


    URGENTE. ! URGENTE. ! URGENTE. ! Amigos ya esta liberado el sistema para PRE-REGISTROS de TELEXMOB. La nueva revolución en el MULTINIVEL. TELEXMOB, es un sistema totalmente renovado de la antigua TELEXFREE. de esta vez vino con todos sus problemas solucionados, con sede en PANAMA y con toda su logística y productos 100% renovados para que no tengamos problemas con la autoridades nunca mas. APROVECHEN ESTE GRANDIOSO MOMENTO, PREREGISTROS SIN COSTO POR DÍAS ILIMITADOS, SE PUEDE TERMINAR MAÑANA MISMO. EL DERRAME BRUTAL ES CONSTANTE, SEAN LOS PRIMERO. DERRAME A 1-2 POR MINUTO. Se están registrando en masa, sean rápidos. LUEGO DE REGISTRARSE EL QUE QUIERA MAS INFO Y LA PRESENTACION POWER POINT, PUEDE DEJAR SU EMAIL INBOX QUE LE MANDO. Blog informativo: telexmobfree. blogspot. com. es Registro: backoffice. telexmob. com/backoffice/indications/ludangoto


    Here is the translation from Spanish to English by Google Translate:


    URGENT. ! URGENT. ! URGENT. ! Friends already released the system PRE-REGISTRATION of TELEXMOB. The new revolution in the MULTINIVEL. TELEXMOB, is a completely renovated old Telexfree system. this time came with all their problems solved, based in Panama and all the logistics and products 100% renovated to have no trouble with the authorities anymore. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT TIME FOR UNLIMITED FREE preregistrations DAYS, YOU CAN END THE SAME MORNING. BRUTAL SPILL IS CONSTANT, WHETHER THE FIRST. SPILL A 1-2 PER MINUTE. They are being recorded mass are fast. AFTER YOU WANT TO JOIN THE MORE INFO AND POWER POINT PRESENTATION CAN LEAVE YOUR EMAIL INBOX YOU CONTROL. Informative Blog: telexmobfree. blogspot. com. is Register: backoffice. telexmob. com / backoffice / Indications / ludangoto



  3. Quick note: TelexMob has a presence on YouTube. Appears to have started up within the past several hours.

    Also have observed TelexMob promo on a site called “,” which appears to be a site that assists users in creating content viewable on mobile phones.


  4. Hi Patrick. There appears to be 6 different telexmob facebook pages now in some form or another.

  5. Oz at behindmlm makes the observation that this is a shameless and brazen reload attempt.

    There is no attempt to hide from the Telexfree connection. To the contrary, they say ‘Our Facilities are scattered in various world countries, so as to bring the security that everyone wants’.

    0z adds…’And if you’re wondering what the “comeback” theme is all about, it’s because TelexMOB aims to identify itself with TelexFree’.

  6. OK. Be extra careful now. Late last night I visited the registration page at TelexMOB.

    Just a few minutes ago, I tried to do the same thing from the link on the TelexMOB site — and I received a “web forgery” warning in Firefox.

    Probably a good idea to avoid the URL in the warning below. Here is the warning:


    Reported Web Forgery!

    This web page at has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

    Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust.

    Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud.



  7. Nossa equipe possui conteúdos exclusivos para membros e treinamentos para lideranças, venha fazer parte de nossa equipe.
    [Spam link deleted by PP Blog. Above, Diorgenes tells folks in Portuguese that his team provides leadership and training for TelexMob. Good grief.]