ULTIMATE INSULT? ‘ProfitClicking,’ A ‘JSSTripler’/’JustBeenPaid’ Reload Scam That Surfaced After Collapse Of Zeek Rewards, Now Called ‘ProfitCrapping’ On Ponzi Boards

Frederick Mann

Frederick Mann

A “program” the PP Blog reported may have ties to the so-called “sovereign citizens” movement appears to have wiped out investors and perhaps zeroed out the purported earnings of many of them, according to posts at the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi-scheme forum.

In fact, according to one post, the “ProfitClicking” program perhaps now can be best described as “Profitcrapping.”

ProfitClicking listed Liberty Reserve as one of its payment processors. On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in New York described Liberty Reserve as a massive criminal enterprise involved in the laundering of more than $6 billion. The effect of the Liberty Reserve action on Profit Clicking was not immediately clear.

What is clear is that ProfitClicking was a fraud from the start. The “program” traces its roots to JSSTripler/JustBeenPaid, which promised a daily payout of 2 percent and purportedly was operated by Frederick Mann, a one-time pitchman for the collapsed, 1-percent-a-day AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme. ProfitClicking surfaced after Mann purportedly retired suddenly in the days after the SEC took down Zeek Rewards in August 2012, amid allegations it had operated a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid fraud that had duped investors into believing it provided a legitimate payout averaging about 1.5 percent a day.

Prior to the emergence of ProfitClicking, Mann speculated that his JSS/JBP “program” could come under attack by American cruise missiles. He also has described U.S. government employees as “part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, imposters.”

Taking the time to ensure JSS/JBP was operating legally was a concession to slavery, Mann contended. Fellow AdSurfDaily figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming, a purported sovereign convicted in a plot to file false liens for billions of dollars against U.S. government employees, later contended that he was being held as a slave against his will.

But even as Mann was sliming the U.S. government and calling its employees slavemasters, one of his JSS/JBP pitchmen was operating a site known as Vatican Assassins that contended “Majority Savage Blacks were never taught to behave in civil White Protestant culture and thus have been released upon us Reformation Bible-believing Whites to further destroy our once White Protestant and Baptist American culture founded upon the Reformation’s AV1611 English Bible and a White Protestant Presbyterian Constitution with its attached White Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights.”

Some analysts have speculated that the name “Frederick Mann” (emphasis by PP Blog) is longhand code for “free man.” Purported “sovereign citizens” sometimes calls themselves “free men of the land.”

Among other things, both JSS/JBP and ProfitClicking made members affirm they were not with the “government.” Mann declined to say where his “program” was operating from, a development that drew comparisons to the infamous BCCI banking scheme of the 1990s. BCCI, shorthand for Bank of Credit and Commerce International, purportedly was designed to be “offshore everywhere,”

Liberty Reserve also has drawn such comparisons. (Link is to May 28 article in Vanity Fair.)

Mann fell out of the Ponzi spotlight for a brief time after his purported retirement from JSS/JBP as ProfitClicking was gaining a head of steam.

He soon was back, however — this time as a pitchmen for a “program” known as ClickPaid.

The ClickPaid Terms — like the Terms of JSS/JBP and ProfitClicking — made members affirm they are not with the “government.”

On May 29, the PP Blog reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines had issued a warning on the JSSTripler/JustBeenPaid and ProfitClicking scams. JSS/JBP also came under investigation in Italy.

A Ponzi-board program known as “Profitable Sunrise” also experienced the same fate in Italy.

The U.S. SEC has described Profitable Sunrise as a murky “program” that may have collected tens of millions of dollars through offshore bank accounts. Profitable Sunrise had five HYIP plans, including one bizarrely dubbed the “Long Haul,” which purported to pay 2.7 percent a day — more than Zeek, more than ASD, more than JSS/JBP, more than ProfitClicking, more than ClickPaid.

A website linked to Mann once linked to videos featuring Francis Schaeffer Cox, a purported “sovereign” and “militia” man implicated in a murder plot against public officials in Alaska.

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  1. The only way to be “offshore everywhere” is…




  2. K. Chang:
    The only way to be “offshore everywhere” is…




    Oh god don’t give them any ideas…

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  4. Patrick another program you should begin watching if HourlyRevShares. It currently has about 40,000 active members and is run by a “person” named either Analie or Anelie Steinway who is a supposed Forex trader from Germany. She has allowed a major role to Dr Leiven Van Neste, who claims he attended Palmer Chiropratic College in the US. He has at least a 13 year record of being involved in shady schemes on the internet, and claims he is working out of Ireland at the moment. He was banned from BannersBrokers for some unknown activity, and was at least for a time involved with Profitable Sunrise.

    Within the first month or so of operating HourlyRevShares, Analie claimed that she was scammed for $850,000 apparently by Liberty Reserve. She announced in news letters that she made up for this outage from her own pocket (doubtful). Dr L seems to have taken over, even though he claims to be only aa regular member with no leadership role.

    On about May 5th, Analia announced a “pause” in HRS business because she needed rest and was going to Ireland to meet with Dr l to revamp the program so that they could keep up with withdrawals. HRS has the same approach on Facebook forums, forcing people to only discuss “positive” aspects and banning anyone that asks pointed questions. Withdrawals have gone into a drastically late mode and has also gone to allowing withdrawals only on Tuesday, and set limitations on the amounts. HRS seems to use primarily SolidTructPay as the processor, although they use Perfect Money and also did use Liberty Resrve.

    Dr L handles all of the webinars and Skype meetings, and only once has shown a photo that may have been of Analie. She says that she is too timid to go on camera. When she and (Moni) Monica Ransom got to Ireland, all of a sudden Analie claimed that her son had an accident requiring her to be gone back to Germany to take care of that situation. HRS pay 4.5% up to 6.5% daily on “ad paks” purchased and the amount “invested” (which term is not allowed to be used. The two wek “pause” has now turned into almost a month, and finally Analie issued a news letter on June 2 that explains why the big delays.

    There are other details, but this gives you an idea how deeply HRS in involved in HYIP activity – and many of the same promoters are active in this program to make monstrous earnings on referrals. It is very heavily promoted in Australia, by many of the same people that promoted JBP/ProfitClicking and BannersBroker.

    Hope fully you can begin monitoring this because the bottom isfalling out and there will be hundreds of people in all continents losing their “investments>”

    There is more and more evidence that HRS is paying out to the big investment holders.

  5. Steve Gray: HourlyRevShare

    Looks as though “Ken Russo” (as “DRdave”) was flogging this on TalkGold — a kiss of death if ever there was one, Steve.

    Steve Gray: Analie or Anelie Steinway who is a supposed Forex trader from Germany

    Claims about mysterious German figures appear from time to time in HYIP/Forex scams.

    In 2011, for example, the CFTC alleged that North Carolina Forex scammer Keith F. Simmons told the troops that a “German liquidity provider by the name of Klaus was attempting to provide $120 million to Black Diamond to payout customers and replace Black Diamond on the purported platform, but his alleged transfer of funds was frozen by bank or regulatory procedures.”

    It turned out that “Klaus” was “nonexistent,” according to the CFTC.


    In any event, HourlyRevShare had a big presence on the Ponzi boards, and that’s a HUGE marker of a scam in progress. The thread-starter for HourlyRevShare at MoneyMakerGroup claimed:

    * “Daily guaranteed Payouts.”

    * “Earn 4.5% to 6.5% daily for 20 days.”

    * “Earn 135% to 195% on your shares.”

    * “Earn 0.18 to 0.29 every hour.”

    And, of course, there was the virtually obligatory claim of:

    “Accepts [SolidTrustPay] – EgoPay – [LibertyReserve] – [PerfectMoney]”

    So, we have “guaranteed” payouts, a presence on the Ponzi boards, the presence of “Ken Russo,” the presence of the Ponzi-friendly processors and accompanying claims of absurd payouts.

    Steve Gray: Analie claimed that her son had an accident requiring her to be gone back to Germany to take care of that situation

    Any reports of typhoons, hurricanes or earthquakes yet?

    In any event, let’s assume for the sake of discussion that “Analie” exists and her son had an accident. All of the other stuff STILL is left on the table: the outrageous claims, the Ponzi-board presence, the presence of “Ken Russo” and the Ponzi-friendly processors.

    On a side note, I think it very well may be true that the son of Profitable Sunrise pitchwoman Nanci Jo Frazer had an accident and medical conditions that required Nanci Jo’s attention. Even so, the same fact set remains in play: Profitable Sunrise was every bit as outrageous as HourlyRevShare from the start.

    Still, the scheme built up a head of steam on the Ponzi boards and appears to have gathered tens of millions. It looks very much as though HourlyRevShare will leave investors holding the bag — just as Profitable Sunrise before it.


  6. We call it profit-clipping now…….Thiefs

  7. And in Jun, Frederick Mann resurfaces to ‘save’ the program. Investors/members accounts are razed up to 99%.. but it wasn’t real money anyways – I mean we could see it on the computer screen, but could not access to spend in anyway…

    goodness knows why, I mean who is going to believe that I’ve only lost the $18 I can see on my dashboard – not the thousands that were ‘reallocated’…

    why, why, why do all this, going to the trouble of morphing into PC, when the program was clearly in trouble back in Jun/Jul of 2012??? why go to the trouble of claiming Frederick was coming back to ‘save’ the program and then pillage the accounts?

    well- one good reason is that it is thought that the longest known Ponzi scheme lasted 35 YEARS !!! (stockbroker P Barry) Remember large ships can stay afloat a long long time > just look at the Concorida Shipwreck…
    money, money, money it’s all about money
    it’s like a shell game
    whist, whist, whist whose got the money?

  8. One…we checked. Lieven does not have a doctorate degree from Palmer or anywhere else. Does not. There is reason to believe Analie Steinway does not indeed exist…find proof from the Steinway family that they have a relative of her name. Good luck. For more on Lieven and what we have found…http://aboutlievenvanneste.com

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