URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: JSS/JBP’s Frederick Mann Admits Program Is Not Registered; Government Workers ‘Part Of A Criminal Gang Of Robbers, Thieves, Murderers, Liars, Imposters,’ Program Patriarch Says


(UPDATED 10:56 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Frederick Mann, the purported operator of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, acknowledged in a conference call last night that the program that advertises a return of 60 percent a month is not registered with regulators. The acknowledgement, which potentially puts promoters worldwide at risk of being drawn into both civil and criminal prosecutions for selling unregistered securities and participating in a global financial conspiracy, occurred near the tail end of a call that lasted nearly an hour and a half.

JSS/JBP may have ties to the “sovereign citizen” movement, a loosely knit confederation of individuals who have an irrational belief that laws do not apply to them. The enterprise does not say where it is operating from and is using a number of payment processors that are “offshore” from a U.S. perspective.

A caller who identified himself as “Brian” from California asked Mann straight out if JSS/JBP was “legally registered.”

“You may have it backward,” Mann replied. “If you are legally registered, then you’ve signed up to be a slave, part of the slave system, and then they have jurisdiction over you and can shut you down.”

Earlier in the call — in response to a question from “Ricky” about why the JSS/JBP member agreement makes enlistees affirm they are not employees or officials of the “government” — Mann said this:

“In general, government people are not welcome in JBP.”

And then Mann explained why.

“Well, they’re part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, imposters.”

Mann also said this: “These people are much worse than the Mafia.”

He conceded that some government employees might be good people. Mann also implied that, if a government employee signed up for JSS/JBP and later became a witness against the company, JSS/JBP would be able to challenge the credibility of the witness because of the firm’s member agreement.

In February, Gregory McKnight, the operator of the $72 million Legisi HYIP Ponzi scheme, pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Legisi had member terms similar to JSS/JBP. The terms neither insulated Legisi nor McKnight from prosecution.

After Mann compared the government to the Mafia,  a caller who identified himself as “Richard” from “Phoenix” described Mann as a “savior for the world.”

JSS/JBP purports to provide a preposterous daily return of 2 percent — twice that of AdSurfDaily, a $110 million Ponzi scheme that came under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Secret Service in 2008. ASD President Andy Bowdoin pleaded guilty last week to wire fraud.

Mann, identified in 2008 promos as an ASD pitchman, said last night that ASD “basically operated as a sitting duck.”

Asked by a caller if JSS/JBP had lawyers to protect itself, Mann said this:

“Typically, lawyers are part of the slave system.”

And Mann speculated that the government could fire “cruise missiles” to take out a building in the Netherlands “where our servers are.”

Mann implied during the call that JSS/JBP had studied the ASD Ponzi case and had taken measures not to get swept into a Ponzi probe.

ASD was a “very badly managed business,” Mann said, adding that JSS/JBP had “much better security than the typical registered company.”


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  1. Such bullsh__ers are not known for their internally consistent scenarios.

    If they don’t trust in government, why should they trust $$$, which is nothing but pieces of paper backed up by government decree? (remember, US left the Gold Standard back in the 1930’s)

  2. It was reported that in the conference call today Carl claimed they were approaching 1 Million members. If this is true, then they are now at critical mass, just like P-2-P was when it started to collapse.

    It was also announced the restart was in progress, and members were tossing around the dreaded “P” word…”Patience.” The members are also complaining they are receiving phishing E-mails to their E-mail accounts only with JBP telling them they have won a contest in an attempt to access their JBP account. They can’t figure out how these scammers got their E-mail addresses from JBP. When you have a back office as porous as Swiss Cheese, it shouldn’t surprise them.

    But as long as Fred keeps paying them, they could care less they are in a Ponzi, and are only stealing from other members. In fact one was bragging if it pays for another year, he can retire.

    Actually with all the money that was tossed at JBP when they announced a month ago the restart was going to happen soon, I am shocked he even bothered in doing this restart; for this one is pathetic. Wonder what he will do when he runs out of money forcing him to do a “real” restart so soon after this so-called restart. Now that will really shake up the members. Unless the feds move before then. Then we will really here the “evil government” and all the conspiracy theories BS.

  3. 1 million members????….LOL…CEP, PIPS, 12DP, P2P and ASD combined didn’t have a million members….

  4. okosh: 1 million members????….LOL…CEP, PIPS, 12DP, P2P and ASD combined didn’t have a million members….

    More importantly, none of them had a fraction of the numbers or members they claimed before the prosecutors released the truth.

  5. As 12DailyPro was mentioned, Frederick Mann was a promoter for 12DailyPro:

  6. Tony: Not only 12 DP, but Fred was a busy boy promoting all these Ponzi’s:

    APN, MyTurn4Bux, TCLS, AdPackNetwork, QXLx3/ICU, WealthTekk, 6-KFinance, 12by12Daily, 13DP, Phoenixsurf, Megalido, XLO, DesertSkyMarketing, PAS, and 1SS. I’m sure there are several more I missed.

    Fred never met a Ponzi he didn’t love.

  7. I’m sure there are several more I missed.

    Yeah, plenty. StudioTraffic to Ad Ventures 4U. If you change the 311.php in the link above to a different number, it’s clear Fred knows exactly what he’s doing.

  8. Tony,

    One of Mann’s “programs” was the infamous “ASD Offer Universe” — the Google click-fraud bid linked to Robert Cefail in which ASD members were told to click on 10 AdSense ads a day to create a new revenue stream for ASD.

    So, a business linked to ASD, which purported to be an “advertising business,” bizarrely was coaching ASD members to defraud Google advertisers and Google’s advertising business.

    Naturally, some ASD members did no checking at all — as was the case with the claims Bowdoin was feted by the President of the United States for his business acumen — and ASD became even more bizarre.

    The Cefail-inspired ASD Offer Universe led with a headline of:


    Here was the ASD Offer Universe email pitch:

    “Months ahead of schedule Google and ASD Offer Universe are now teaming up to show Google ads on the site. Google, after seeing all of the major advertisers already being shown on ASD Offer Universe agreed to enter into a relationship with ASD. This is a huge development because ASD is PAID every time someone just CLICKS on one of the Google ads on the top of each category page. You, as an ASD member can now simply click on the Google ads without even having to buy a thing or fill out a lead and ASD is paid. The payment for each click can be as high as $5.00 a click.”

    The U.S. Secret Service opened the ASD probe on July 3, 2008, against the backdrop of the White House and Google claims advanced by some ASD members.

    Here is something else that was circulating at the time:


    It was about “corporations” purportedly advertising with ASD, a rank deception.


  9. Thinking about the “stupid” comments Fred has made in recent conference calls.

    It looks like he is taunting the authorities.

    Could it be, he WANTS to get shutdown?

    Could it be he sees that it is collapsing and being shutdown would give him a way out that will allow him to claim that it could have carried on “indefinitely” if the “ebil gov’mint” had not interfered?

    When/If the authorities do step in, what are the chances of Fred standing trial?

  10. That’s the only thing that makes sense at this point Thom. He’s already playing the martyr card.

  11. We might see old Freddie boy on american greed soon.

  12. […] The news comes as ProfitClicking appears to be in a state of collapse. Like ASD, Zeek, JSS/JBP and ProfitClicking before it, ClickPaid has a presence on the MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold Ponzi forums. Mann purportedly “retired” from JSS/JBP last year, but not before claiming that government workers  were”part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, imposters.” […]

  13. So this thief Mann is looking for new idiots I think

  14. It’s interesting that the savior comment came from somebody in Phoenix, because Frederick Mann reportedly lives in Phoenix, Arizona. If you Google “Frederick Mann” “Phoenix” you’ll get lots of hits. If you add “Terra Libra” into the search, you’ll even get the Phoenix address on E. Roosevelt street that Mann used in the 1990s.

    Here is an additional list of scams that Mann has been involved in, as stated in a 2003 post available at http://www.offshorealert.com/forums.aspx?boardid=gjuuovlligwf&g=posts&t=36818

    -Terra Libra
    -Terra Libra II
    -Terra Light
    -LifeMoneySuccess II, a/k/a/ LMS Enterprises and LMS2
    -FFE Refining (NV)
    -TL Marketing Services
    -United Fund a/k/a/ United Funding and United Funding Resources Services
    -Financial Fitness Club
    -Global Marketing Management
    -International Institut of Higher Learning
    -International Interbank Bond Trade
    -Liberty Digest Journal of Freedom Technology
    -Prosperity Unlimited Trust

  15. In a comment above, littleroundman doubted whether the JustBeenPaid/ProfitClicking/ClickPaid scammers are based in the U.S. It turns out most of them do live in the U.S. Google this phrase in quotes for more details: “I have now developed relationships with over 60 of the key leaders and we have been compiling evidence to give to the Government where these leaders are located.”

    “Frederick Mann” (which may not be his real name) is or has been based in Phoenix, Arizona. His email address is at amug.org, which is the Arizona Macintosh Users Group. He operated his Terra Libra scam (which also doubled as an antigovernment propaganda newsletter) in the mid 1990s from an address in Phoenix on E. Roosevelt Street.

    I particularly love this statement by Mann about his physical health. The statement also links him to Phoenix:

    “Today I’m superhealthy and moderately fit. I have no heart problems. I have not spent any time being ill in bed. When I get a cold I usually recover completely within 10-15 minutes. From flu I usually recover in about 3-4 hours. A few months ago I ran up Camelback mountain in Phoenix in a time in minutes which is less than half my age in years. I doubt if there are a hundred people in Phoenix who can do that.”

  16. […] JSS/JBP, which appears to have morphed into secondary and tertiary scams (ProfitClicking and ClickPaid) after the August collapse of Zeek, may have ties to the “sovereign citizens” movement. Mann has compared the U.S. government to the Mafia, claiming that government employees were part of “a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, imposters.” […]

  17. […] his JSS/JBP “program” could come under attack by American cruise missiles. He also has described U.S. government employees as “part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, […]

  18. […] taunt regulators. Frederick Mann, the purported operator of the JSSTripler/JustBeenPaid HYIP scam, once claimed that government workers were “part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, […]