Jeunesse MLM Rep Pulls A Piccolo

From an Oct. 23 TINA Tweet warning about Jeunesse-related health claims.

From an Oct. 23 TINA Tweet warning about Jeunesse-related health claims.

Truth In Advertising ( reported yesterday that a website styled JeunesseReserve at a WordPress site had positioned the MLM juice offering Jeunesse Reserve as a product that will reverse the course of gangrene in patients with diabetes who are facing amputations.

According to the product claim, a woman with diabetes had developed gangrene of the finger and no longer could bear the pain. Apparently requesting an amputation ASAP and waiting for a surgeon to schedule one, the woman started “taking 2-3 packs of RESERVE” daily.

In the claim, the trademark symbol appeared alongside the word “RESERVE.”

At a point uncertain after the “taking” of RESERVE had begun, the patient was told by the doctor that her blood flow had returned and an amputation no longer was necessary.

Plenty of other health claims surrounded the gangrene claim, TINA reported.

Over-the-top and potentially illegal health claims in the MLM realm are hardly new.

“Achieve Community” Ponzi scheme figure Rodney Blackburn — who’d been pushing multiple cross-border HYIP scams simultaneously and even used video footage from the SEC’s website in one of his promos — ended up pushing a tea product amid claims it was “good for reducing diabetes” and mitigated the virus that causes AIDS.

Longtime MLM huckster Phil Piccolo pushed a purported “magnetic” product positioned as a treatment for everything from bruising and hair retention to preventing the surgical amputation of limbs.

Piccolo’s target audience additionally was told that the magnetic product could be used to help tomatoes, vegetables and fruits grow to “twice the size” while helping dairy farmers “produce more milk per cow.”

Beloved family pets hearing a call from the grim reaper could extend  their lives if their owners used the products, Piccolo ventured.

“Your pets? If you have a pet and your pet’s on its last leg[s], bring them a Magnetic Shower,” Piccolo coached. “You won’t believe what it will do for your pet.”

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2 Responses to “Jeunesse MLM Rep Pulls A Piccolo”

  1. what an absolute bunch of scumbags. gangrene is dead tissue due to a lack of blood flow. no one is reversing that.

  2. The owner of the WordPress blog appears to be based in Asia, which I suppose goes some way to explaining how he / she can get away with making outrageous claims such as:

    Herpes cured! No joke


    Remarkable Recovery for this 75 year old Taiwan man who took reserve for 6 months and regained his health to the stage he can walk and jog

    Kidney stone passed out

    Gangrene healed
    Another testimonial from a former gangrene patient in Singapore. His gangrene is healed after taking Reserve fruit gel.

    There are reports of people who have been healed from gangrene after taking Jeunesse Reserve fruit gel.

    Big Improvement after 3 weeks applcation of the Serum. Luminesce can be used to treat Eczema