BREAKING NEWS: Judge Denies Plaintiffs’ Motion In AdSurfDaily RICO Case For More Time To Respond To Garner Dismissal Motion; Bowdoin Still A No-Show

A federal judge has denied a motion by the plaintiffs in a racketeering lawsuit against AdSurfDaily attorney Robert Garner for more time to respond to Garner’s motion to be dismissed as a defendant.

Judge Rosemary Collyer said the plaintiffs had failed to cite “a good cause” to grant the delay.

Meanwhile, Collyer also denied motions by the plaintiffs to let two additional attorneys enter the case, saying the plaintiffs’ attorneys failed “to confer with all opposing counsel” as required by a Local Rule.

How things will proceed is unclear. The plaintiffs’ answer to Garner’s dismissal motion is due tomorrow. They had sought a delay until July 6.

Garner’s RICO co-defendants include ASD President Andy Bowdoin and Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby.

Bowdoin has not responded to the lawsuit, which was filed in January and amended in April.

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2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Judge Denies Plaintiffs’ Motion In AdSurfDaily RICO Case For More Time To Respond To Garner Dismissal Motion; Bowdoin Still A No-Show”

  1. I am disabled and i invested 500.00, all of the money i had, i am still living hand to mouth, i went to Miami with several other people, some of whom had made some money already.They stood on stage and said it was all legit, they had attorneys who had looked over everything and no laws were being broken,Then there was another big convention shortly after the Miami onme and then the states attorney shut it all down, I need my money. I feel that it has been long enough for this to be resolved, I filled out the paperwork asap when it became available to file a claim and was told it could be as long as a year, well its going on 3 years now. Who can help or advise me on how to get my 500 dollars back, Please help. i have a 391.00 electric bill I canno pay, i thought i was going to make money legally, now the gov. has my money and will not give it back

  2. Hello Randy,

    The government won the forfeiture cases and has appointed a claims administrator. Andy Bowdoin has filed an appeal of the forfeiture. There could be a decision by the end of the year — sooner, if the universe lines up the right way.

    Unfortunately, the refund timeline is still in doubt until the litigation is resolved.

    You might want to visit the link below. There is a link from there to the site of the claims administrator.

    History shows that the forfeiture case nearly was resolved in January 2009 — coming up on two years ago now — when Andy Bowdoin submitted to the forfeiture.

    He changed his mind a month later. That’s why the case is unresolved.

    I do understand your frustration, and I sympathize with your plight over the electric bill. That is a terrible situation.

    This, however, is not a case of the government not wanting to implement a restitution program — i.e., it is plain from court filings that the government wants the victims to receive compensation.

    I wish you the best, Randy.