FLASHBACK: Year Ago Today, AdViewGlobal Announced Offshore Wire Facilitator — On Same Day Obama Announced Crackdown On International Fraud

One year ago today, President Obama announced a crackdown on international fraudsters. On the same day, the AdViewGlobal autosurf announced a new, offshore wire facilitator. By November, the president had created the interagency Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force.

Longtime readers of the PP Blog may scarcely believe a year has passed since the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf announced a new, offshore wire facilitator — on the same day President Obama announced a crackdown on international fraud.

Obama delivered his remarks at 11:37 a.m. By 5:54 p.m., a member of an AVG forum operated by some of the Mods and members of the Pro-AdSurfDaily Surf’s Up forum announced that AVG members could wire money offshore from the United States after the company’s bank account had been mysteriously suspended earlier in the year.

AVG highlighted its purported “offshore” location in sales promos.

The date of the wire announcement — May 4, 2009 — was an important one in the history of the PP Blog. In the following weeks, the Blog came under attack by advocates for autosurf Ponzi schemes. In the months that followed, however, one autosurf scheme after another came crashing down — including AVG.

Not even the collapse of one autosurf Ponzi scheme and HYIP scheme after another, however, has caused serial promoters to renounce these sordid pursuits. Too much money is involved. Why fret over the national-security implications if a downline commission is on the line in this shadowy and unseemly pocket of reprehensible commerce populated by greedsters, MLM hucksters and just plain criminals and racketeers?

In this seedy world of constantly expanding rationalizations for criminal conduct and personal profit, the bomb or missile probably will land on a neighborhood that deserves to be destroyed. Right? Longtime readers of the PP Blog know the Ponzi advocates reshape their stories whenever the need arises. Any fanciful, made-up reality will do.

Some of the Blog’s readers — and the Blog itself — came under near-ceaseless attacks last spring and summer from people who desire to legalize Ponzi schemes. Although the proposition itself is absurd, it was championed by the Blog’s Kool-Aid-drinking critics. Indeed, some of them believe, for example, that all commerce should be legal.

Some of them are so out-of-touch that they appear not to recognize they are advancing the argument not only for economic misery and the steady supply of drugs for the schoolchildren of America, but also for slavery and human bondage. Their argument is one that would set Bernard Madoff free if society placed any credence in it at all. Madoff victims would be out billions of dollars, 80-year-old people fleeced of their pensions and savings would be forced to reenter the workforce because “that’s the breaks” of capitalism — and yet Madoff would be set loose to run a brand-new scheme of his choosing.

No part of that vision for America computes. It is a desperate argument of convenience advanced by people who are willing to embrace crime as long as some people make money. In short, it’s the delusional argument for Enron-style capitalism applied to Ponzi schemes. The scalding irony is that some of the very same people who championed Andy Bowdoin of AdSurfDaily did not do the same for Madoff. The hypocrisy — the disconnect — is stunning. If the basis of a pro-Ponzi argument is that all commerce should be legal and that the government wields too big a stick, then both Madoff and Bowdoin should be equally championed — victims be damned.

So what if Grandma, 92, is greeting customers at Walmart because Madoff needed another big house? And so what if Enron employees and stockholders lost jobs and what they believed to be their financial security? That’s the breaks. Right? It’s much better to follow the lead of some AdSurfDaily members in calling for the prosecutors to be jailed and the judges to be brought up on charges for violating their oaths? Right?

Today the PP Blog invites readers to visit its archives.

You’ll see a story about the announcement of AVG’s purported new, offshore wire facility here. You’ll find a related story here.

In this story, you’ll find a tie between KINGZ Capital Management — AVG’s purported offshore facilitator — and the Trevor Cook Ponzi scheme in Minnesota.

Here you’ll find a comment from a purported attorney who advised the PP Blog that it might be stepping on too many toes by publishing stories about AVG. Our response is here.

You’ll find a story about the collapse of AVG here. The collapse occurred about 23 days after we received the note from the purported attorney. As a side note, the story about the collapse also points out that AVG threatened its own members.

Here you’ll find a story about AVG’s name being mentioned in a racketeering lawsuit against AdSurfDaily, which has close ties to AVG. (Take time to read the comments from readers below the story.)

In this earlier story, we provided plenty of reasons for people not to join AVG.

We also recommend you read this story and the accompanying comments. Weighed by a number of factors beyond page views, it is the “most popular” story in the history of the PP Blog.

Finally, we encourage you to read this story. It’s one of a number of stories we’ve done on  what the President of the United States is doing to combat the insidious amount of financial fraud.

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2 Responses to “FLASHBACK: Year Ago Today, AdViewGlobal Announced Offshore Wire Facilitator — On Same Day Obama Announced Crackdown On International Fraud”

  1. And on the heels of all the failed autosurf’s comes AD-renaline that is promising 150% return on your investment, err I mean revenue sharing. Well, at least that’s what they are trying to call it. Would not be surprised to see many of the ASD, AVG, Megalido, MrsVIP, BAS, AGW players in this one. It remains to be seen how many suckers, opps I mean members, they can con, err I mean entice to join. From past experience, my guess is there will be far, far too many. Some never learn.

    The only thing left it see if this implodes on its own, or the “evil” government shuts it down. It is as you said above, Patrick, they think they have a right to conduct commerce with anyone they deem fit. I’m sure the business model is brilliant and the person behind it is a genius. Hmm, wait….that has already been used, but then I guess you can have more than one brilliant businessman who is also a genius. I am just waiting for him to be shown to be a Godly man, and a great humanitarian; who is only in this for the little guy/gal.

  2. this is part of an e-mail that a friend got from Ad-renaline. He sign up for free and after finding out what he signed up for has not upgraded. Oh look “don’t get your money out keep it working”. Where have we heard that!!!

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