Affiliate Links Show That Surf’s Up Mod And ASD Members Hold High Positions In Upstart Surf: Things To Consider If You Are Tempted To Join AdPayDaily

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Dear Readers,

We have received a few inquiries about a new surfing program called AdPayDaily (APD). Our initial take is that the program is a dressed-up version of AdSurfDaily, AdViewGlobal, BizAdSplash and AdGateWorld and that the operators are persuaded they’ve found a word combination and legal structure that will neutralize critics and law enforcement should concerns about the sale of unregistered securities and a Ponzi and pyramid scheme be raised.

AVG, BAS and AGW were positioned by former ASD members as offshore “clones” of ASD. APD, like ASD, appears to be operating in the domestic United States.

In our view, APD’s presentation raises numerous red flags. At a minimum, it is starting out as an MLM absurdity, if not a potential monstrosity. To get a flavor of the absurdity, imagine that Walmart was clueless enough to start an autosurf and provide a corporate-approved greeter who says, “Welcome to Walmart Pay Daily. We count all the money out of sight in the back room at midnight to determine how much you get, and keep 50 percent of the cash for ourselves. Don’t worry. We have excellent lawyers, and we’ve instructed the money-counter not to rip you off.”

That’s effectively what APD is saying.

Another red flag is the fax number listed on a document APD refers to on its website as “Ad Pay Daily’s Conference Registration Form For July 30th and 31st 2010.” The fax number is listed online as a number used by a Kansas real-estate flipping company billed as National Flips. Like APD, the National Flips domain registration is hidden behind a proxy, although the website says this: “To learn how to become a Hard Money Lender and earn 30+% per annum, call [a telephone number] . . .”

Meanwhile, the invitation for the APD conference that uses the National Flips fax number says this — not once, but twice: “Any person who does not provide photographic proof of identity will not be permitted to attend this event, so don’t forget your photo ID.”

Why a photo ID would be required to attend a sales pitch for an advertising company is left to the imagination. Undercover Secret Service agents have been known to attend such functions, however.

Virtually every autosurf that has come along has used strange approaches or applied language tweaks designed to skirt securities laws, disarm critics and sanitize the “opportunities” for prospects. Serial autosurf promoters are infamous for telling prospects that a particular surf has found the magic pill that makes everything legal. Historically they rely on the surf operators to provide a legal cover. When things go south, they claim no one can blame them for promoting the schemes. After all, they relied on the assertions of the operators that everything was above-board and legal. They have been disingenuous in the same way that Alfred E. Neuman, Mad magazine’s fictional mascot, was disingenuous.

“What, me worry?”

Worry, however, appears to be front-and-center at APD, which is preemptively denying in multiple places that it is a Ponzi scheme. This strikes us as a big red flag. There are others.

ASD, Surf’s Up Members Become APD Players

During its early research into APD, the PP Blog has determined that a number of members of the alleged AdSurfDaily autosurf Ponzi scheme have high positions in the APD venture. Some of the former ASD members hold more than one position in the top 80 positions in APD, including a former Surf’s Up Mod who appears to hold positions 76 and 77. It is possible that another Surf’s Up Mod also is high up in the pecking order of APD affiliates at No. 56.

The Blog determined the names of APD promoters by researching the method by which APD creates affiliate links. At least one ASD member who made himself part of the ASD Ponzi litigation by submitting pro se pleadings holds positions 9 and 10 in APD, according to the affiliate links.

Surf promoters are not fond of pointing out the pain of previous prosecutions of autosurfs and the time-consuming and expensive litigation involving both the government and court-appointed receivers that may occur when a surf collapses. It is not uncommon for millions of dollars to go missing in a surf.

ASD’s Andy Bowdoin has told members that he has spent more than $1 million in his legal defense. Nothing (other than GIGO passed along by promoters) suggests Bowdoin was a man of means prior to the Secret Service raid on ASD’s headquarters in August 2008. His money for his defense appears to have come from ASD members. On a side note, Bowdoin tried to persuade members in September 2009 that the million dollars he dropped to keep himself out of prison was for their benefit. At the same time, he claimed his fight with the government was inspired by a former Miss America.

ASD gathered at least $65.8 million. When the sum seized in the Golden Panda Ad Builder action, which is part of the ASD litigation, is factored in, the number surges to more than $80 million. That’s a big number, of course — one that shows why others want to start surfs and just tweak and tweak and tweak in search of the elusive magic pill.

APD’s website was registered on Nov. 18, 2008. That’s just one day before U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that ASD had not demonstrated it was a lawful business and not a Ponzi scheme. APD’s domain-registration date also coincides with a string of registration dates by the so-called ASD clones:

  • Aug. 18, 2008: Domain name for AdGateWorld registered. (About two weeks after the ASD raid by the U.S. Secret Service, which is working in concert with the IRS and federal prosecutors.)
  • Sept. 22, 2008: Domain name for AdViewGlobal registered. (AVG had very close ties to ASD.)
  • Nov. 7, 2008: Domain name for BizAdSplash registered. (ASD and Golden Panda figure Clarence Busby purportedly was both the “chief consultant” and owner of BAS.)

APD’s domain was registered just 11 days after the BAS domain was registered and only a couple of weeks before ASD declared that the now-defunct Surf’s Up forum was its official organ for ASD news. Surf’s Up became infamous for shilling for Bowdoin, fracturing the facts of the ASD wire-fraud and money-laundering case and misinforming members.

Each of the surfs in the bullet points above failed spectacularly. Each of them blamed members for their problems. Each of them had promoters and members in common with ASD. Each of them also offered various “bonuses” to join — something APD is doing at the moment.

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  1. Their “business” address (according to the website) is 11184 Antioch Road, #323, Overland Park, Kansas. There are numerous alleged businesses at that address, but 3 strike a chord – 2 are virtual offices, but I would vote for the third – The UPS Store. The “323” in their address is probably the drop box by that number. Nothing but the best accommodations for the staff of this autosurf, huh?


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