Affiliate Links Show That Surf’s Up Mod And ASD Members Hold High Positions In Upstart Surf: Things To Consider If You Are Tempted To Join AdPayDaily

Let’s take a look at one of the incongruities surrounding APD: Its domain is registered behind a proxy. At the same time, APD is preemptively telling prospects on its website that it is not a Ponzi scheme. What this means, literally, is that a company unwilling to share its domain data is expecting prospects to accept its assertion that everything is on the up-and-up — all while the program is being pitched on Ponzi cesspits such as MoneyMakerGroup and being targeted at people who belonged to ASD.

One person Blogging about APD assures readers that he knows the owner, but he does not mention the owner’s name. This type of presentation does not pass the smell test anywhere outside of certain types of MLM programs, especially autosurfs and HYIPs.

Ad Pay Daily LLC is listed as a registered corporation in Kansas, with March 30, 2010, listed as its formation date. The disparity between the domain registration date of Nov. 18, 2008 and the registration date of the corporation is more than 16 months.

It’s reasonable for prospects to ask why that is the case and why APD’s domain-registration date coincided with the registration dates of the so-called ASD clones. In late 2008 and early 2009, the clones were launching one right after the other, despite plenty of unfinished business in the ASD case.

Given the examples of the miserable failures of AVG, BAS and AGW and the intelligence gathered by the Secret Service in its investigations of autosurfs, it’s hard to imagine that APD will gain much traction. Many of the career scammers who are the lifeblood of autosurf schemes may pass on promoting APD because they know they — meaning the scammers — are on the Feds’ radar screens and because APD isn’t crowing about being “offshore,” one of the key words that signals to scammers that they can clean up before the federal posse arrives.

Some of the scammers may see APD’s hidden domain registration as a good thing, but the lack of transparency is a red flag. While APD highlights a claim that it is lawyered up, it does not identify its owner either on its domain registration, website or Blog.

Why not?

Another red flag is that APD’s Blog is hosted on the free WordPress platform as a subdomain of WordPress itself. Basically, the Blog exists just to pitch the business opportunity and, given the history of the surfing business and the WordPress Terms of Service, APD’s Blog might not have much staying power as a WordPress subdomain.

Here is a snippet from one of the posts on the APD Blog:

“We now accept Debit and Credit cards for the purchase of advertising (Web Credits). This new feature will add additional creditability to the program and make the purchase of Web Credits a lot easier.”

The post is signed “Thank You, APD Staff.”

It’s reasonable to ask why a “face” for the program has not emerged and why messages potential subscribers view are signed “APD Staff.” The generic signature is another red flag — and a method employed by the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf, which had close ties to ASD.

AVG went belly-up a year ago this month.

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  1. Their “business” address (according to the website) is 11184 Antioch Road, #323, Overland Park, Kansas. There are numerous alleged businesses at that address, but 3 strike a chord – 2 are virtual offices, but I would vote for the third – The UPS Store. The “323” in their address is probably the drop box by that number. Nothing but the best accommodations for the staff of this autosurf, huh?


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