Bizarre Pitch For MPB Today Paints Walmart As Soul-Stealer And Asks Prospects Not To Accept Gift Card; One Apparent Walmart Fan Displays Visa Card In Separate MPB Promo

First there was a bizarre political attack on President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a bid to drive business to a Florida-based, multilevel-marketing (MLM) firm known as MPB Today.

Now, at least one promo that asks prospects to register for MPB Today is attacking Walmart.

As affiliates of MPB Today continue to publish images of checks drawn on a distressed Florida bank and Walmart gift cards to provide “proof” that the MLM is real, a Facebook site paints Walmart as a soul-stealing corporation that does not deserve to benefit from MPB’s business.

The site plants the seed that it is possible for customers to pay MPB Today $200 one time and “Totally Eliminate” their grocery bills. It then paints Walmart as the devil, saying “we have a SOLUTION” for the customer who identifies himself or herself as a “WALMART HATER.”

If you “hate Walmart and have written a 603 page manifesto on how Walmart is trying to take over the world and steal your soul,” you should “stop making that pipe bomb and read how you can avoid Walmart and still make bank,” according to the pitch.

Although some MPB Today promoters have claimed Walmart endorses the MLM program and images of Walmart routinely have been used in sales pitches for MPB, the Facebook site urges prospects to say, “NO, I don’t Want A Walmart Card! I’ll take my $200 in groceries bought online and delivered to my door!”

MPB Today says its charges up to 50 percent of the cost of an order for shipping. A person who pays MPB Today $200 potentially loses up to $100 of purchasing power by ordering groceries from the firm, which is tied to a Pensacola business known as Southeastern Delivery.

The Facebook site publishes a URL for prospects to visit. When the URL is inserted in a browser window, it redirects to MPB Today’s website.

Walmart has not responded to a request for comment on the MPB Today program from the PP Blog. MPB Today removed images of Walmart from the homepage of its website last week.

An MPB Today affiliate displays a Walmart MoneyCard in a YouTube video. On Walmart's website, the company says the card can be used "everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide" and also to "Get cash from millions of ATMs worldwide."

Separately, a “proof” video for the MPB Today program from another affiliate shows an image of a prepaid Visa card that apparently was acquired by using the credit from a Walmart gift card. Prepaid Walmart Visa cards can be used to make merchandise purchases at  retailers other than Walmart, and also can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Although MPB Today positions itself as a “grocery” retailer, some affiliates have suggested that the best use of the Walmart gift cards MPB sends out is to convert them to Visa cards that can be used to make purchases at places other than Walmart or withdraw cash for any purpose under the sun.

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6 Responses to “Bizarre Pitch For MPB Today Paints Walmart As Soul-Stealer And Asks Prospects Not To Accept Gift Card; One Apparent Walmart Fan Displays Visa Card In Separate MPB Promo”

  1. Mr. Pretty

    You know the old saying ‘One Bad Apple spoils the whole bunch’. There are a plenty of bad apples in MLM. No wondered this industry keeps getting a bad rap; it’s those closed minded that are representatives that are ruining it! MPB Today is no exception. I belong to MPB because I believe that I can eliminated my grocery bills and help those who’s in need to eliminated their grocery bills.

    There is one person who posted videos on YouTube using Glenn Beck’s books to promote MPB Today opportunity, and I hate that Glenn Beck.

    Like you said, MPB needs to sent a clear message to it’s distributors that not only their behavior will not be tolerated, but also needs to clamped down to those who’ll tarnished the company’s reputation as well.

  2. Mr. Gibson,

    Sadly, I suspect the reason that MPB, and other MLMs run in a simsilar way, is not sending a clear message to its distributors that their behaviour will not be tolerated is because it is tolerated. they only stop it when outrageous comments prejudice the recruitment machine or put them at risk from legal or any other action that might stall the process.

    In the case of MPB, it is being run by a man who has already had run ins with the authorities for unethical business practices. The same is true of many other MLMs. They are not started the way normal businesses are started. They do not have the necessary capital investment in a good product, nor do they seek competant and specialised management in their chosen field. çIn this, MPB is typical. Their owner does not have a career track record in distribution and consumer merchandizing nor do his management team. They are “MLMers” who know how to recruit IBOs and THAT is their real product.

    Entertained has given us a very clear and simple explanation why the 2 x 2 matrix of MPB cannot work and the owners, founders and principal promoters are fully aware of this. See Post 27 in this link.×2-cycler-matrix-also-claims-walmart-gift-cards-convertible/

    Yes, I do know how the 2×2 works and where the money comes from, and have all along. You have correctly identified it as well. The math is pretty straightforward too. 86% of the people who enter the matrix will lose money. It is a guarantee. The simplest analysis shows that the one person at the top of the cycle gets paid by the 6 people immediately below that person. Thus one person gets paid, but the other 6 pay in. So, for cycle 1, 1 person out of 7 gets paid, translating to 86% (6 out of 7) do not get paid in cycle 1. In cycle 2, the next 2 people get paid, but 8 more people have to join in order for the cycle to occur. Each of the two people who get paid need 6 people in their downline to not get paid for that cycle in order for them to get paid. This repeats indefinitely, until either the matrices stop cycling because of lack of interest/ability to find new people to join the pyramid, or (if MPB is wildly successful) everyone on the planet joins. Problem is, eventually there IS a last cycle, and in the end, there will be those 6 people unpaid for every one that does get paid. Math is a cruel thing — it is completely unbiased and exposes the MPB pyramid for what it is…….

    The only way you will make money out of MPB is if the people further down the food chain (if you will forgive the pun) lose their money.

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