Golden Panda Forum DOA — Again; Continues To Baffle And May Have MPBToday Link

The testimonial signed "Mike DeBias" on a website pitching MPB Today purports that "Mike DeBias" sought "Divine Guidance" when using Google to find a sponsor for the purported grocery program, which operates as an MLM. Nevada records lists "Michael A. DeBias" as the operator of Alpha Market Research, the purported parent company of, which purports to have gathered 400,000 names and email addresses online in recent months. Websitetester purports to offer "jobs" and an opportunity to become a website "tester." What, precisely, WebsiteTester does is far from clear.

The Golden Panda Ad Zone forum, also known as the Online Success Zone (OSZ), appears to have died — again. Visitors are greeted with a note that says the forum is “currently unavailable.”

Like ASAMonitor, MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold, OSZ was a site that pitched Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, cash-gifting programs and other highly questionable business “opportunities” such as a “program” known as

OSZ first died quietly in the spring. It resurrected itself during the summer, and a poster sang the praises of WebsiteTester, a mysterious company that claims to have gathered 400,000 names and email addresses in recent months for a purported “jobs” and website “testing” opportunity.

WebsiteTester’s business model is far from clear. Although affiliates have said there is no downside for registering because the opportunity is “free,” the company says its legitimacy can be established by watching a video that shows no faces and reading a news release published by an anonymous author.

The purported opportunity has encountered a failed launch, a failed relaunch, server problems, substantial downtime and other problems — and yet somehow has amassed more than 19,600 Twitter followers, even though registrants don’t know exactly what they’re registering for.

Records in Nevada show that Michael A. DeBias is the president of Alpha Market Research, WebsiteTester’s purported parent company. A series of websites linked to the firm, however, are registered behind a proxy.

Separately, a person purported to be “Mike DeBias” of “Las Vegas” is listed as a provider of a testimonial on a website that hawks the purported MPBToday “grocery” program. The testimonial implies that “Mike BeBias” sought guidance from God when searching Google for an appropriate MPB Today sponsor.

“. . . I thought I would google-search for a sponsor that was more to my liking . . . I asked for Divine Guidance and the Force led me to you,” the testimonial reads in part. “Thank God, and Thank you.” It was signed, “Mike DeBias – Las Vegas, Nevada.”

It was not immediately clear if the “Mike DeBias” of “Las Vegas” referenced in the testimonial was the same “Michael A. DeBias” listed at the operator of Alpha Market Research, which purports to be based in Las Vagas.

What is clear is that WebsiteTester — like MPB Today — is being promoted on forums infamous for pitching Ponzi schemes. Promos for MPB Today have been targeted at Food Stamp recipients, senior citizens, the unemployed, people of faith, churches and victims of the alleged AdSurfDaily (ASD) Ponzi scheme.

The OSZ forum got its start in the aftermath of the August 2008 federal seizure of tens of millions of dollars from bank accounts linked to ASD and Golden Panda Ad Builder, ASD’s purported “Chinese” autosurf. Promos for other surfs — and “opportunities” such as cash-gifting schemes — were launched from the forum, even after one surf after another crashed and burned and ASD president Andy Bowdoin was sued for racketeering.

Clarence Busby, the alleged operator of Golden Panda, was implicated in three prime-bank schemes by the SEC in the 1990s. ASD’s Bowdoin was arrested in the 1990s for bilking investors in a securities swindle in Alabama, according to court records.

The ASD scheme has been linked to tax-deniers, “patriots,” people who engage in the credit-repair business, and at least one person who sought to imprison federal judges by having a bogus “Indian” tribe issue bogus arrest warrants. At least one ASD member declared himself “sovereign” in a bizarre court case, suggesting he enjoyed diplomatic immunity and answered only to Jesus Christ.

Another person linked to ASD filed court papers in Missouri that claimed a mortgage-foreclosure case could be halted in its tracks by posting a bond of $21 in “silver coinage.”

Appeals to religion frequently were displayed on the now-defunct “Surf’s Up” forum — a forum that had ASD’s official endorsement — and one HYIP program pitched from the forum used an image of Jesus Christ in a sales pitch. The HYIP later collapsed, after collecting an untold sum of money.

Court records suggest that a person believed to have been involved in ASD and other HYIPs also was engaged in cell-phone trafficking.

Prior to its series of deaths, the OSZ forum also promoted “programs” such as Narc That Car and Data Network Affiliates, both of which purported to be able to help law enforcement and the AMBER Alert program rescue abducted children. No evidence has surfaced that either Narc that Car or DNA has any capacity to help in the rescue of children. During the spring, DNA also purported to be in the cell-phone business.

Narc That Car since has changed its name to Crowd Sourcing International (CSI). Like DNA, CSI has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Meanwhile, a separate website that is promoting MPB Today also is promoting DNA and at least 100 “surfing” programs. The programs are promoted MLM-style.

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  1. It’s sort of fitting this was a “Dear Jon” letter….

  2. Michael Debias aka Michael Anthony DeBias aka Michael Anthony is a serial MLMer who was in That Free Thing, MyTesterJobs, DailyDigitalClub, and possibly even behind the launch of Wazzub along with Gee DaCosta.