DEVELOPING STORY: Awaiting Trial, Accused AdSurfDaily Schemer Andy Bowdoin Resurfaces As Pitchman For OneX, ‘Opportunity’ Flogged On Ponzi Forums; ‘I Believe That God Has Brought Us OneX To Provide The Necessary Funds To Win This Case,’ Indicted ASD Patriarch Claims; ‘This Program Can Provide You With Earnings Beyond Your Wildest Imagination . . .’

AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin told members yesterday that they could "earn $99,000 very quickly" in a program known as OneX. The Florida-based ASD patriarch claimed to hope he could fund his defense to U.S. securities-related charges through OneX, which appears to be tied to a Panamanian firm that uses a domain name with a Montenegro extension and may operate from Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The PP Blog may have more on this developing story in the coming days.

In a bizarre development, accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin of AdSurfDaily told webinar listeners yesterday that he intended to fund his criminal defense to charges of wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities through a purported business opportunity known as OneX, the PP Blog has learned.

OneX, which uses a domain extension assigned to the European country of Montenegro and a webserver apparently positioned in the Irish Sea nation of Isle of Man, is described in MLM-style web promos as a 4X4 matrix feeder program for a Panamanian investment firm and commodities enterprise known as QLxchange.

Whether OneX or QLxchange have any securities or commodities registrations in the United States or other countries was not immediately clear.

Serving as the webinar host, ASD figure Tari Steward, who is helping Bowdoin raise funds for Bowdoin’s criminal defense and is listed in Bowdoin court filings as a potential ASD witness, described OneX as a winner while introducing Bowdoin.

OneX has “already proven to be hugely successful here in the U.S.A. and all around the world,” Steward said.

Mixing commentary on his Ponzi case with his OneX sales pitch, Bowdoin, 76, managed to work in a dig against the federal judge presiding over the criminal case against him. Bowdoin also chided federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia.

Saying he was pleased that his trial date had been set nearly a year from now in September 2012 and describing it as an act of divine providence made possible after prayerful introspection, Bowdoin suggested the judge and prosecutors were disappointed that Collyer’s busy scheduled did not permit an earlier trial date.

Both “Judge Collyer and the prosecution was wanting the closest time possible because they didn’t want to give us much time to prepare,” Bowdoin claimed, shortly after greeting webinar listeners with a “Hi, Folks.”

Isle of Man highlighted in red: Source: Wikipedia.

And Bowdoin, who did not identify the operators of OneX or speak to whether the purported program was required to be registered to market securities and commodities to U.S. inhabitants, sang the praises of the firm.

“This program can provide you with earnings beyond your wildest imagination . . .” he claimed.

Bowdoin further ventured that OneX “will produce the legal fees we need and make each one of you a ton of money.”

“Now, when you finish this webinar,” he continued, “you’ll be so excited that you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.”

ASD members will “wake up in the morning thinking about [OneX],” Bowdoin claimed. “For the next three days, you’ll be thinking about it constantly.”

At a May 2008 ASD “rally” in Las Vegas prior to the seizure of tens of millions of dollars from his personal bank accounts, Bowdoin — describing himself as a Christian “money magnet” — urged members to imagine payments from ASD flowing to them “constantly.”

Federal prosecutions referenced Bowdoin’s Las Vegas remarks in the Ponzi indictment announced against him in December 2010. He has been free awaiting trial since his arrest.

Bowdoin went on to claim in yesterday’s OneX pitch that “you’ll soon see how you can earn $99,000 very quickly.”

As part of his OneX pitch, Bowdoin described the firm as “one of the greatest financial vehicles on the Internet today” and asked a series of questions:

  • “Do you want to get out of debt?”
  • Do you need to catch up on some house payments?”
  • “Do you want to pay cash in the next 90 days for a new automobile . . .”

Bowdoin’s pitch also mixed in quotations from scripture.

Based on its research, the PP Blog is reporting today that members of the purported Club Asteria business opportunity and the purported JustBeenPaid opportunity also have promoted OneX. An image of Club Asteria principal Hank Needham appeared in an ad for ASD in 2008. Meanwhile, web records show that Frederick Mann, the purported operator of JustBeenPaid, also was an ASD pitchman.

Among the Club Asteria pitchmen who turned their attentions to OneX are “strosdegoz.” Club Asteria-related claims came under fire from CONSOB, the Italian securities regulator, in May.

Also participating in Bowdoin’s webinar was Rayda Roundy, whom Bowdoin described as a former ASD “trainer.”

Roundy told listeners that a “pay it forward” strategy with OneX will help participants make money and help Bowdoin raise defense funds.

OneX participants could create their own “bailout” program, Roundy claimed.

After Bowdoin took back the webinar helm from Roundy, the ASD patriarch reminded members to send questions about OneX to a Gmail email address.

And then Bowdoin said this:

“Now, from time to time, people ask me, ‘Andy, how do you remain so peaceful?’ My answer is God.”

He went on to claim that God had led him to his strategy of using OneX to raise defense funds.

“I believe that God has brought us OneX to provide the necessary funds to win this case,” Bowdoin said.


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  1. Quick notes:

    ASD could solve the U.S. unemployment problem, Bowdoin suggested in the webinar.

    “College students” are good OneX prospects, Bowdoin claimed.

    OneX cost of entry is apparently $5. How the $5 supposedly morphs into $99,000 appears to involve a convoluted process in which other fees that accumulate over time are debited from purported “profits.”

    ASD would provide “leads” for OneX, apparently from the ASD database.

    Bowdoin claimed OneX was “registered in the various states that require registration for network marketing compan[ies].” He did not identify any of the states.

    Roundy said a “top attorney” worked for the OneX/QLxchange opportunity. The attorney was not identified. Bowdoin also referenced a OneX/QLxchange attorney without identifying the attorney by name.


  2. Quick note:

    There are webtracks to at least one free Blogger (Google) Blog for OneX that appears to have been deleted in recent days. The cache is still available.

    There is a link on the deleted Blog to a YouTube video, apparently produced by a OneX recruitment group known as “alerteam.” It has an absolutely dire soundtrack — end-of-the -world stuff. I did not recognize the music, but it sounded like the soundtrack from “The Omen” movie series.

    At the end of the video, the music is attributed to “Amy Power” with the title of “I believe in me.”

    Elsewhere I listened to a song by the same name by “Amy Powers.” That song did not appear to mesh with dire music in the OneX video.

    “Everyone can do it,” according to a printed message in the video. “We got your back.”

    “Leaders are joining,” according to the video.

    Among the other video claims is that nine people can make “$896,960” in OneX.

    “Go and kiss the person who sent you here,” the video urges.


  3. The OneX thread at the ponzi and criminal fraud promotion forum TalkGold was started by a “Jamie Strickland”. “Jamie Strickland” appears to have been involved in other obvious ponzi schemes such as “FastProfitsDaily” (2×3 cycling matrix) and “Monitium” (“MLM wealth creation vehicle”).

    OneX is the perfect obvious ponzi scheme for those who still think Honest Andy is innocent.

  4. Thanks for these, Tony.


  5. Quick note: As reported at the PP Blog link (Oct. 17, 2011) below, the name of OneX surfaced in an ad for “JustBeenPaid.” The JustBeenPaid ad used an image of Oprah Winfrey.


  6. Quick note: “Ken Russo,” aka “DRdave,” is among the OneX promoters. He has “I got paid” posts at TalkGold in July totaling $3,808.78.

    “Ken Russo” is vet of ASD and Club Asteria.

    TalkGold is referenced in federal court files as a place from which Ponzi schemes are promoted.


  7. Hi Patrick
    Hope they can net the whole group of ‘usual suspects’. Yep. Once a criminal, always a criminal.

  8. I’ve also sighted Belinda Grandberry (Elite Activity Resurrected, Connecting Us All, NESARA, Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah) and her sizable downline of scammers-cum-victims pushing OneX.

    Haven’t checked for “I got paid” postings, as I’m up to *here* with her B.S. from Elite and CUA.

  9. I notice that their Contacts lists Panama City, but their TOS says that disputes will be per the Laws California…Strange…!

  10. I just hope they revoke his bail and toss in him in the slammer until his trial for pimping this Ponzi.

  11. Lynn:

    You and I know that it will never happen. It makes me mad that he is able to continue to get away with one crime after the other. Especially when you think about all the people sitting in jail who have committed lesser infractions of the law.

    This scum bag is still walking the streets. I guess our justice system is blind after all.

    I think that both the Judge and the Prosecutor should be fired for this injustice to the American People.

  12. Jack,

    What do they have to do with Andy being Andy? If anything, it gives them more ammunition. Remember the Civil trial, where Andy couldn’t keep his mouth shut and how it had an impact on things. Here is but another example of Andy “telling it like it is”.

  13. And what would you have them do, Jack ??

    Violate his constitutional rights ?

    Preempt his activities and arrest him BEFORE he does anything ?

    Forget any other crime and concentrate on Bowdoin ?

    Is the delay in bringing him to trial unusual ?

    What is the current average time span in bringing a fraudster to justice in the USA ?

    Are the government or prosecutors responsible in any way for the delays to date ??

  14. Littleroundman:


  15. I think a case could be made to revoke his bail on this one. Anyone contacted the prosecutor about his new business?

    And you have no idea how much amusement I would get in finding that Andy had taken the money his legal defense fund, AKA, “Andy’s Army” and dropped every dime into a ponzi scheme. If anyone knows, please make my day and tell me.

  16. Jack Arons: littleroundman:Here is your answer:


    the fact the Speedy Trials Act exists does not make it applicable in all cases, especially in complex criminal trials.

    Additionally, The delays up to date have largely been due to Bowdoins’ own actions.

  17. Jack,

    Here’s something from the case docket:

    “In the interest of justice, speedy trial is suspended between
    7/22/2011 and 10/21/2011, or until the next Status Conference in this case”

    There’s also a gap in the docket between Doc 39 and Doc 41, which is likely the Minute Order from the last hearing setting the court date. My guess is it also includes a “speedy trial” suspension.

    LRM is correct; Judge Collyer and the attorneys for both sides have agreed to suspend it.

  18. Jack Arons: I think that both the Judge and the Prosecutor should be fired for this injustice to the American People.

    Jack, with respect, I find that particular statement of yours ill informed, unnecessarily inflammatory and more worthy of a pro Bowdoin supporter than an observer.

    The key to understanding the situation lies not in the fact the “Speedy Trial Act” exists, but in how it works in practice.

    For example, have a quick look at “Scott Sharps’ Speedy Trial Chart” and you’ll find examples where courts have ruled that a 10 YEAR gap between indictment and trial is not unreasonable in some circumstances.

    IM(very)HO, Bowdoins’ prosecution is being done in an entirely by-the-book and timely manner.

  19. I will never be a Bowdoin supporter nor will I ever wave the Bowdoin Flag.

    Our Justice system has failed the American people in more ways than one. I like many others would love to see Andy in Jail if for no other reason than to give closure to the families who lost their homes, their life savings and we must not forget those who committed suicide.

    The court is trying to abide by the law and in doing so they have made errors that could come back to bite them in the butt. Since I do not want to give Andy and his supporters that come to Patrick’s site fuel for their fire I will not discuss them on an open forum. I will say that the errors of law could be a grounds for dismissal.

    This is not legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Seek advice from an attorney.

  20. God God.

    Now I really HAVE seen it all.

  21. OMG, “the court is trying to abide by the law”?? I would think they are constrained by the law and must therefore abide by it, not just try to abide by it. What you are saying here makes little or no sense.

    Why the disclaimer? “This is not legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship” You are no more of an attorney than “Keny” Wayne Leaming or Dwight Schwietzer. The disclaimer is useless and immaterial.

    Remember, if you will, the many posts you made on the old forums which later proved to be totally fiction, something you did to prod people or get some point across. It damaged your credibility, in my eyes, anyway. I went to the trouble of getting you some backing and legal help when Guenther and Friedman sued you, only to have you post some things on the internet that made the free attorney back out of the case.

    Sorry, but that’s my opinion and I do not need a disclaimer.

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