DEVELOPING STORY: Message Board For Members Of ‘OneX’ Scheme Pushed By Accused Ponzi Schemer Andy Bowdoin Claims ‘Transfer Funds’ Option Disabled Because Members Are Using ‘Stolen Credit Cards,’ Source Says

Andy Bowdoin

A bulletin board accessible only through the back offices of members of the purported  “OneX” program includes a message that the program has disabled a “Transfer Funds” option because a “recent investigation” has determined that members “have been depositing funds from stolen credit cards and transferring this tainted money to hundreds of other members of the organization,” a source tells the PP Blog.

The bulletin-board announcement was dated yesterday and attributed to “the administration.” No OneX owner or operator was identified in the announcement, but members of OneX were told there was no choice left “but to disable the ‘Transfer Funds’ option indefinitely,” according to information provided by the source.

AdSurfDaily President and accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin emerged Monday as a OneX pitchman.

There was no corresponding announcement on the site that OneX or its staff had alerted authorities that members were joining with stolen credit cards, the source said.

Who conducted the “investigation” — the company or some other entity — was not made clear in the announcement.

“The Company must take a hard stance against this type of financial fraud in the interest of those hardworking, honest members who are legitimately building their businesses and depend on the survival of this Company for all the great financial opportunities that it represents,” the post on the bulletin board claimed, according to the source.

OneX is a purported 4×4 matrix linked to a purported 3×9 matrix known as QLxchange that purportedly operates from Panama through a server purportedly located on Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

In a webinar Monday, Bowdoin told ASD members that they could earn $99,000 “very quickly” through OneX, a program he intended to use to pay for his criminal defense.

Bowdoin, who has participated in at least three webinars this week in which he sang the praises of the purported opportunity, was charged with wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities last year.

In 2009, an autosurf known as AdViewGlobal (AVG) reportedly disabled a button that permitted members to transfer money to other members. AVG, which had close ASD ties, purportedly was based in Uruguay.

OneX purportedly has 750,000 members.

On Monday, Bowdoin claimed God had led him to his strategy of using OneX to raise defense funds for his Ponzi battle against the government.

“I believe that God has brought us OneX to provide the necessary funds to win this case,” Bowdoin said.

A PP Blog reader (“Tony”) reported at 6:45 p.m. EDT today that a OneX/QLxchange-related “press release” dated Oct. 11 had appeared on PRLog, a news-release distribution site. The release, which also referenced cash-gifting and a “pay it forward” strategy, was attributed Bryce Jackson, a purported “Business Mentor” and “Success Coach.”

“God truly wants you to be a blessing to other people during these bad economic times,” the release read in part.

Links in the press release lead to sites where people who register reportedly are given information about OneX/XLxchange. One of the sites is called “godsmoneyfeeder”; another is called “whatablessing.”

Bowdoin also is promoting a “pay it forward” theme for OneX, according to his webinar remarks.

In essence, “pay it forward” — also known as PIF or “benefactoring” — is a practice by which money theoretically stays in constant motion and flows to schemes because sponsors pay fees for recruits and encourage recruits to to the same for their recruits.

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13 Responses to “DEVELOPING STORY: Message Board For Members Of ‘OneX’ Scheme Pushed By Accused Ponzi Schemer Andy Bowdoin Claims ‘Transfer Funds’ Option Disabled Because Members Are Using ‘Stolen Credit Cards,’ Source Says”

  1. “OneX purportedly has 750,000 members.”

    Even for $5 scam it is unrealisically large number.

  2. boris: “OneX purportedly has 750,000 members.”Even for $5 scam it is unrealisically large number.

    Notice they didn’t post how many ‘PAID’ members they have. Club Asteria boasted over 300,000 members, but the freebies far outnumbered paid.

  3. Personally, if it weren’t for the number of potential victims, I think Bowdoin should be encouraged to continue to pursue his current “strategy”

    It sure will save a heap of time and money, come trial time.

    Unless, of course, this is all part of some cunning strategy to invoke the “insanity” defense.

  4. Does the main site even accept credit cards? The real problem for them is that members selling their “credits” “adpacks” “units” or whatever among themselves is the main scammers don’t get their cut that way, and it accelerates the eventual collapse of the whole thing. This goes at least as far back as PIPS, and Andy surely knows about it, I think he learned the hard way from Mindy Bales.

  5. shouldn’t Andy be arrested for breaking his bail?

  6. Patrick: a “recent investigation” has determined that members “have been depositing funds from stolen credit cards and transferring this tainted money to hundreds of other members of the organization,” a source tells the PP Blog.


    who woulda guessed ??

    A HYIP being used for money laundering.

    One can only hope that one day in the not too distant future, the “powers that be” are going to wake up there’s billions of dollars being spirited away right under their noses.

  7. Hello my name is Bryce Jackson and I am a Onex member since June 2011. I have had nothing but success since I have been in this company. Its a shame for people to be reporting negative things without having any actual experience with the company. If you have a question about Onex and want a honest answer from someone who is committed and working the program everyday then call me [deleted by admin] or email me [deleted by admin.] It you pay it forward with this system everyone succeeds.

  8. Byrce,

    Has OneX ever shown you its books? How about its office? Where does it do its banking? Who are the owners of the company? Are they located in the United States?

    Do you have any concerns that Andy Bowdoin, a man implicated in an alleged Ponzi scheme involving at least $110 million, has emerged as a OneX pitchman?

    Should OneX be concerned that Bowdoin has joined — and potentially has the capacity to bring soiled proceeds into the OneX money stream?

    Have you heard anything about OneX claiming people were signing up fraudulently and using fraudulent credit cards? Are you worried about that?


  9. Patrick… Bryce is as much if not more of a Kool-Aid drinker than Todd Disner. It took only two searches online to find his ties to one scam after another, so I don’t think that being shown that OLXChange died in 2006 as a proven Ponzi onto to be reborn as OneX last year is going to sway him.

    After all, the man publishes articles about “God’s Money” and “Cash Gifting Legalized” as a pastor of the most hypocritical kind. I see similar terminology coming from Linda K. Shepard’s mouth, and you know what happened with her and Anova Tau in 1999 – she’s back at it promoting Universal Activities with the same frivolous tax protester arguments abusing the Bible, by the way.

    Bryce is also stupid enough to think that gold and silver are inflation-proof. Ever looked up what happened to the Spanish economy after the conquistadors started shipping gold from the Americas back to Europe, Bryce? Inflation went crazy.

  10. admin: Do you have any concerns

    Like any good HYIP ponzi player, Mr Jacksons’ only “concern” is whether he gets his cut.

    Unfortunately, he’s representative of a whole substrata of todays’ society whose members are concerned only for themselves and what they can get.

    It’s like “greed is good” on steroids

  11. Gods Money Feeder is my website. We pay it forward for you to succeed. That’s how the system works. I use Onex as the processor. They are not an American Co so you don’t receive any 1099. It is a way by paying it forward for everyone to benefit. All money 100% is returned to the field. You ought to try it out I will pay it forward for you so you have nothing to lose.

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