‘OneX’ And Club Asteria Pitchman ‘Strosdegoz’ Turns Attention To New ‘Program’ Called ‘Huge Yield’; Flogging On Ponzi Boards Has Begun Amid Early Report Of DDoS Attack

Veteran Ponzi-board huckster “strosdegoz,” also known as “manolo,” now is flogging a new “program” known as “Huge Yield.” There already is an unconfirmed report that HugeYield has suffered a DDoS attack.

strosdegoz” emerged last year as a regular shill for Club Asteria, the purported Virginia-based program that became a Ponzi-forum darling and later announced its PayPal account had been suspended. Claims about ClubAsteria came under investigation by CONSOB, the Italian securities regulator, and the American Red Cross later clashed with the purported “program,” which traded on the name of the relief agency.

As time moved on, “strosdegoz” later joined  accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin of AdSurfDaily in flogging a mysterious “program” known as “OneX.” There is a report today that Bowdoin either canceled or postponed his latest OneX pitch because a fellow pitchman identified as “Alan” has “pneumonia and is not able to do anything right now.”

The pneumonia announcement was attributed to an email sent by Bowdoin, who is accused of orchestrating an international Ponzi scheme involving at least $110 million through ASD. His criminal trial is set for September 2012.

Huge Yield purports that $120 can turn into $1,000. The following HugeYield claims are verbatim:

“A Traditional SPICED UP follow your sponsor 2×2 that will surprise anyone online TODAY! HugeYield has changed the way marketing a tradition 2×2 is done. We have added a safety net to ensure that all members progress through the program and make their ultimate goal, The $1000.00 Payout!”

In the website’s FAQs section, a question about what payment processors HugeYield accepts is answered in this verbatim fashion:

“We accepts payments and pays all commissions through Alertpay,liberty reserve and solid trust pay,perfect Money and Okpay.”

Whether “”strosdegoz/manolo” is concerned about HugeYield’s apparent lack of grammar and usage skills is unclear.

“strosdegoz/manolo” is pitching HugeYield on MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold. In addition to ClubAsteria and OneX, he has pitched Centurion Wealth Circle and “The Tornado.”

Both MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold are identified in federal court filings as places from which international Ponzi schemes are promoted.

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4 Responses to “‘OneX’ And Club Asteria Pitchman ‘Strosdegoz’ Turns Attention To New ‘Program’ Called ‘Huge Yield’; Flogging On Ponzi Boards Has Begun Amid Early Report Of DDoS Attack”

  1. LOL, he has time on his hands right now because “Tripler2” is in the throes of a “reset”. Also to be noted is that “Faith Sloan” claims on her blog to have been shown the door at T2…again!

  2. HeHeHe,

    No one could ever accuse young Manolo/Strosdegoz/Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana of failing to make hay while the sun shines.

    Currently he’s out there flogging (and making referral commissions from)


    Just think how many potential victims could be protected and how much money could be returned to the national economy by the actions of one vaguely interested law enforcement agency and/or politician.

  3. Considering that his personal website is named donothingmoney.com, one has to wonder what was wrong with his parents that they brought up such a parasite in the Dominican Republic.

    Googling the site name alone brings up so much scamminess that I’m shocked that Malwarebytes or Norton Anti-Virus doesn’t auto-detect his words as being a virus.

  4. […] As “strosdegoz” was hawking T2 and OneX by wire, he turned his attention to a “program” called “HugeYield.” […]