JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Operator Frederick Mann Says He Can’t Appear At Prospective California Meeting For ‘Security Reasons’: ‘The [Government] People In Power — They Regard Citizens As Livestock’

The purported operator of a “program” that claims to provide a return of 60 percent a month cannot meet with participants because of “security reasons,” according to a recording of the Aug. 9 conference call for JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid.

JSS/JBP’s Frederick Mann hinted to conference-call listeners that he could be arrested if he appeared at a prospective cheerleading session for JSS/JBP at a California hotel.

“The [government] people in power — they regard citizens as livestock,” Mann said, in declining an invitation to speak to the JSS/JBP troops in person. “They farm the livestock. They want the eggs that the chicken[s] produce. And if they think somebody tries to interfere with their farming operation, they don’t like that.”

Mann is a former pitchman for the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme. A “Frederick Mann” also is listed as an affiliate of the Zeek Rewards’ 1-percent-a-day scheme, but it is unclear if it is the same Frederick Mann who pitched ASD’s 1-percent-a-day scheme before the U.S. Secret Service raided ASD in 2008.

What is clear is that some Zeek affiliates also are promoting JSS/JBP, which has acknowledged it has no registrations to sell securities and does not reveal it base of operations.

Like JSS/JBP and ASD, Zeek has a presence on known Ponzi scheme forums.

JSS/JBP may have ties to the so-called “sovereign citizens” movement.

Mann has ranted against the government in previous JSS/JBP calls.

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6 Responses to “JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Operator Frederick Mann Says He Can’t Appear At Prospective California Meeting For ‘Security Reasons’: ‘The [Government] People In Power — They Regard Citizens As Livestock’”

  1. Ironic that he views the government as doing the exact same thing he does to everyone that joined his scam.

  2. But wait, Fred said it was not a Ponzi as it just looks like one. His restarts are what makes it a non-Ponzi Ponzi. So why is he afraid he would be arrested if what he is doing is not a Ponzi?

    Of course on almost every conference call he does admit it is a Ponzi, and you are investing, but the faithful have deaf ears when he says that.

  3. These old guys like this Mann character and Bowdoin have some balls. I guess if you’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison, it’s better to start at 70 or 80 instead of 30! With age comes wisdom…maybe not so much!

  4. I love to make my comment about JBP because I believed that JBP was a business that was paying out 2% daily can only pay if they invested our money in Forex or in Gold,Oli or tradeing on the Bors. I was made to understand that without sponsoring and Buying Tiipler positions with daily earnings You will make 2% dailythat is 60%in one month.
    I Registerd with JBP on 19may2011 I bought one tripler position for $10 then after a few days bought another 4 positions for $40 and as i saw how good my earnings were I took out my savings $1400 and bought tripler positions, I kept on buying tripler positions till my earnings were $100 I wanted to withdraw $100 when suddenly without a warning Fredrich Mann made a restart and more than 75% of ma tripler positions dissapeard they were converted into matrixes. I have 160 Matrixes @$60 each.I only must have recieved 10 matrixes till now and now i earn $4 from the tripler with $9660 not paying since Jan2012.
    JBP can only pay older Members with money it gets fron new members This I now know for shore Is a Ponzi Sceam And Fredrich Man is a Brain Washer
    JBP stoped paying like when they started.

  5. I would like to clarify that any restart was declared with great ahead of time … and when it adheres to JBP you should read the conditions are all written in the site … it is likely that the system has a system JBP PONZI but with due modifice the system seems to work well from 4 years.il flusso di denaro che entra ogni giorno in jbp è molto alto e chiudere questo sistema non conviene sopratutto a frederick mann … perche con tutti quei soldi si potrebbe continuare ad investire il capitale i qualcosa ( mettalli e pietre preziose ) che rendono molto di piu del 2% al giorno ..I do not think that the system is infallible, but perhaps the only con I can see is the forced honesty … (Chidereste never a fountain that makes a lot of money per day?)

  6. Hi everyone
    After the action of us secret service against Zeek everybody scream PONZY…..by roots Im a Gypsy from Spain as you know vatican declared us people of the DEVIL in 1100 till now they never changed mind or apologized of any way….what the point with Zeek?
    well.. follow me and understand ZEeK IS PROBABLY A PONZY OK but the new word for WITCH (as they declare gypsy as not so long ago) is PONZY
    so the Us Secret service said zeek has 200 000 members and claim 700 000
    now they say its 1 000 000 worldwide ok
    they say it start the investigation because of 20 000 claims for fraud…..
    20 000 / 1 000 000…….. do you follow me
    I dont defend ZEEK don t miss understand my topic I’m just saying TODAY is ZEEK with good reasons
    tomorrow who can be hunt as PONZY and shut down without proof explanations of any kind so beware of the new WITCHUNT call PONZY the Us government in modern history already used BLACK list and blame the people now the problem is Worldwide so what they gonna do
    the point is any program can be shut down scam or not,,,,, just by the scream PONZY
    I hope you follow the thinking excuse my french…..I M FRENCH so may be I lost a bit in translation