DEVELOPING STORY: Thai Police Bust ‘UFunClub,’ Yet Another Cross-Border Network-Marketing Program; Case May Involve $307 Million

ufunclubUPDATED 9:10 A.M. EDT U.S.A. It’s whack-a-mole via MLM or network marketing — again.

There are reports in Thai media about a major pyramid/Ponzi bust involving a cross-border “program” known as “UFunClub.” (See links below.)

No American suspects appear to have been arrested or named so far, but Americans have promoted UFunClub. One of them, according to, is Jamison Palmer.

On Feb. 19, 2015, the PP Blog contacted the Alabama Securities Commission for comment after it observed a promo online for “UFunClub” attributed to Melton McClanahan, an American implicated in the cross-border “Profitable Sunrise” scheme broken up by state regulators and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2013.

Even as McClanahan was pitching UFunClub, he was pitching “Unison Wealth,” a Ponzi-board “program” pushed by Achieve Community huckster Rodney Blackburn. Achieve Community was taken down by the SEC in February 2015.

ASC did not respond to the request for comment on UFunClub and Unison Wealth, and it is unclear whether they are under investigation in the United States. What is clear is that McClanahan was issued a cease-and-desist order by ASC for his alleged role in pushing Profitable Sunrise. He also was subpoenaed by the SEC in the Profitable Sunrise case.

It’s also clear that some network marketers are moving from scheme to scheme to scheme in an ongoing and insidious environment of whack-a-mole. Schemes using a common network of promoters are feeding off each other.

From a Bangkok Post story on UFunClub (italics added):

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon instructed police to investigate the case and quickly hunt down and arrest the suspects.

Police have been working alongside the Consumer Protection Police Division, the Office of The Consumer Protection Board and the Anti-Money Laundering Office in the investigation. The company’s operating licence was revoked.

Like other schemes, UFunClub spread in part on social media, according to a report at (italics added):

OCPB secretary-general Amphon Wongsiri said the U-Fun group mobilised investments through the website, and many other avenues including via direct contact by its agents.

Recent whack-a-mole schemes include TelexFree, Wings Network, Zeek Rewards, eAdGear, iFreeX and EmGoldEx.

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  1. Palmer did a Rodney Blackburn on us… Went to Thai DSI website (which is obviously in Thai), then claimed DSI proclaimed UFUN to have a clean bill of health… while pointing at a CHINESE webpage.

  2. From NationMultimedia, dated April 14:



    Assistant National Police chief Lt-General Suwira Songmetta said this when reporters asked for a comment on a report saying a police lieutenant-general was an executive of the company at the centre of the scandal.

    “Police are investigating this case. Anyone found to be connected to the wrongdoing will face legal action, no matter who he is,” he said.