Baton Rouge Cop-Killer Was ‘Sovereign Citizen’ And ‘Moor’ — And Also Claimed To Have Been In Dallas

Gavin Eugene Long, the alleged mass murderer of police officers in Baton Rouge yesterday, was a “sovereign citizen” and “MOOR,” according to a bizarre filing in his name last year with the recorder of deeds in Jackson County, Mo.

The news of the filing appeared in the Kansas City Star. Here is a copy of Long’s rambling narrative in which he purportedly changed his name to “Cosmo Ausar Setepenra.”

CBS News reported Long, a Kansas City native, claimed to have been in Dallas after the July 7 ambush murders of five police officers there by Micah Xavier Johnson.

“Sovereign citizens” form an irrational belief that laws to not apply to them. African Americans who may self-identify as “sovereigns” sometimes express an affiliation with Moors or Moorishness. Long, killed after reportedly ambushing police, was African American.

Published reports have described Long as a self-identified “nutritionist, life coach, dietitian, personal trainer, author and spiritual adviser.” Three law-enforcement officers died in Baton Rouge yesterday. Three others were injured.

Some “sovereigns” have participated in HYIP schemes such as AdSurfDaily, Zeek Rewards, JustBeenPaid/JSS Tripler and DFRF Enterprises.

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  1. Snippet from Washington Post:


    Authorities said Monday that they believe the gunman who opened fire in Baton Rouge a day earlier, killing three police officers and injuring three others before dying in a shootout with police, was looking for law enforcement and ambushed the officers.