FRIDAY HYIP ODDITIES: (1) Spammer Swipes PP Blog Graphic, Uses It In Bid To Promote LibertyReserve; (2) Other Spammers Target JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Threads; (3) ‘MoneyMakingBrain’ Calls Blog ‘BIG Idiot’ And ‘Deceptive Unethical Lowlife’

Here is an imponderable: Is there any ceiling to the absurdities in the HYIP sphere and the destructive force it exercises around the web?

On Wednesday, the PP Blog received repeated spams from U.S.-based IPs. The spammer used the handle “invest liberty reserve” and targeted two threads, including this one about JSS Tripler 2, a purported “program” that purportedly based its name on JSS Tripler. JSS Tripler is a purported element of JustBeenPaid, an “opportunity” purportedly operated by Frederick Mann that claims it pays a return of 60 percent a month.

Liberty Reserve is an “offshore” payment processor favored by HYIP schemes, including JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid. Wednesday’s spam bids used purported email addresses at AOL and Hotmail.

One of the Wednesday spams featured a graphic swiped from PonziNews, once a sister site to the PP Blog. The spammer attempted to use the stolen graphic in his posting bid on the PP Blog.

It was not the first time the Blog’s graphics had been used in a nefarious way online. On Dec. 12, 2010 — in commemoration of its 1,000th post — the PP Blog recounted a July 2010 story that its Breaking News graphic had been swiped and placed inside a promotion for Data Network Affiliates.

DNA was a scam associated with huckster Phil Piccolo. The “opportunity”  traded on the names of Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump and advertised a nonexistent cell-phone plan of unlimited talk and text for $10 a month, an offshore “resorts” scheme and a “mortgage-reduction” scheme — all while tying itself to Christianity, the  U.S. AMBER Alert system of locating abducted children and a purported bid to end world poverty.

It’s worth noting that some JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid promoters also traded on Winfrey’s name.

In the same December 2010 commemoration post, the Blog reported that Janet Napolitano, the secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, had been called names that would peel paint when DHS announced that Walmart had joined the “If you see something, say something” terrorism-awareness campaign. Meanwhile, the Blog reported that some online-fraud schemes had evolved to victimize participants by the tens of thousands — numbers America’s largest sports stadiums could not accommodate.

The PP Blog no longer owns the PonziNews domain. The Blog suspended publication of the site in 2010, after thieves who used international IPs stole the domain’s content verbatim and posted it on other sites they controlled that had a higher Page Rank than Ponzi News.

In short, the net effect of the theft was that the PP Blog was being used to create “free” content for thieves who intercepted the traffic of PonziNews. Such piracy schemes are hurting the publishing industry.

In a separate spam bid on Wednesday, a would-be poster suggesting he represented an HYIP ranking site targeted this PP Blog thread on strange claims associated with “MoneyMakingBrain” in the context of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid.

The would-be poster purporting to represent the HYIP ranking site complained that the Blog had used the term “HYIP” in the linked story above “21 times” without explaining the meaning of the term.

“Nice writing job!” the would-be poster jabbed. He provided no comment on the substance of the story.

On yesterday, “MoneyMakingBrain” — who’d emailed threats repeatedly to the PP Blog on Feb. 29 — described the Blog as a “BIG idiot,” a “chicken,” a “deceptive unethical lowlife,” the user of “NONFACTUAL” sources and other names.

Because of the emailed threats and “MoneyMakingBrain’s” subsequent ban from the PP Blog, the Blog will not engage with MoneyMakingBrain on, an antiscam forum that concerns itself with mass-marketing fraud and occasionally has been subjected itself to threats and menacing communications.

“MoneyMakingBrain” has advanced various conspiracy theories about, the PP Blog and and some of their common posters.

What he has not done is explain what his purported “due diligence” into the JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid “program” entailed or how purported operator Frederick Mann could pay an annualized return between 48 and 73 times higher than the purported “returns” of Bernard Madoff.

Yesterday on RealScam, “MoneyMakingBrain” asserted that he has “recently read [about the PP Blog] on some scams forum, that he is a very deceptive reporter, well, that doesn’t surprise the MMB at all.”

It is possible that “MoneyMakingBrain” is referring to this September 2009 thread on The thread was started by a PP Blog poster known as “little joe” who’d been banned for harassment. The poster, who later was banned from, claimed the PP Blog would be “scrambling to put out fires” from multiple IPs.

The threats and intimidation campaign from “little joe” began after the summer 2009 collapses of AdViewGlobal (AVG) and Ad-Ventures4U (ADV4U), both of which claimed an ability to provide preposterous returns in the wake of the government seizure of tens of millions of dollars in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case.

Frederick Mann, the purported operator of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, has described himself as a promoter for both ASD and ADV4U.

On Aug. 18, 2009, antiscam commentators on the PP Blog were called “idiots” and the PP Blog itself was asked by an ADV4U promoter whether the author was a “fag.” After launching his ad hominem attacks against the PP Blog and its posters, the ADv4U pitchman asserted he was a  longtime businessman and that criticism about ADV4U on the PP Blog was about “as unprofessional as it gets people.”

“I’m out of here.You bunch of idiots make me sick!!!” the poster railed.

ADV4U ceased member payouts about 10 days later.

Less than a year later — in May 2010 — Professor James Byrne, an expert hired by the U.S. government to assess the alleged HYIP Ponzi scheme of Nicholas Smirnow of Pathway To Prosperity — observed that HYIPs were not “noted for their internal consistency.”

One of the inconsistencies that became part of the ADV4U story was the assertion by the “defender” that he was a longtime, professional businessman — while the same “defender” asked the PP Blog if he was a “fag” and declared ADV4U critics who questioned a purported payout rate of 1 percent a day “idiots.”

Both assertions occurred a year after the U.S. Secret Service brought Ponzi allegations against ASD, whose payout scheme was similar to ADV4U’s.


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  1. But it gets even better, Patrick. Now you are soapboxmom. I am disappointed because up until this statement, I was everyone who was posting on RS in the thread devoted to the inane ramblings of mmb.

    Now mmb is in trouble, it seems he has been “rigging” his “proof” IP tracking information to make his claims all the people posting at RS in his thread are indeed me. As the old saying goes, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. It happens every time. Of course I am the major focus of his rants, but now you and soapboxmom he is convinced are one and the same person; and of course his usual BS proof to go with it. Actually I was having a hard time trying to remember just who I was supposed to be when I posted at RS. So now I have two less people to worry about being there.

    He has some lame blog and the thinks it is setting the world on fire with all of his nonsense and exposing me. When in reality he is driving people to our website, for which I am grateful.

    One has to wonder how much longer he will try to keep up his silly charade as I think he now knows it is going nowhere; but he definitely is full of it.

    Let’s just say that mmb is 3 pancakes short of a short-stack.

  2. It is not surprising in this day of supposedly free speech, that fraudsters and their supporters want to silence their critics. The nearer they get to the truth, the more dangerous the critics become.

    The mainstream media no longer has the journalist independence that they enjoyed of old, and now, nearly without exception, write about news that interests their paymasters but the internet, with its low cost ability to get news out, is harder to silence.

    The Patrick Pretty blog has spent some years revealing the truths behind the murky criminal world of HYIPs and endangers the continuance of the frauds. People like the Phil Piccolos, Fred Manns, Andy Bowdoins and their followers like the ASD Surfs Up gang and MMBs of this world know this too. They will happìly try to silence the Patrick Pretty’s, Lynn Edgingtons and SoapBox Mums of this world as they are keeping them from gaining their money illegaly and immorally.

    Standing up for the truth about this criminal substructure of the internet is not always pleasant, but it is certainly worth doing

    Thank you all for all you do. If just one person saves their live savings, retirement fund, health or school fund from the clutches of these greedy immoral band of white collar thugs, then it has all been worth it.

  3. Hello LORM,

    It has been one of those weeks, and I am deeply appreciative for your note of thanks.

    My thanks to you in return.


  4. Lynn,

    I’m aware of the MMB claim that I am “soapboxmom.”

    It’s very hard to describe that level of disconnect — but, as you know, the disconnect is present in scheme after scheme after scheme.

    If anything can be said about the HYIP sphere, it’s that some of its purveyors and/or apologists and/or “defenders” and/or sidelines scramblers will conflate one reality after another to replace an inconvenient fact set — and after that, they’ll retreat into an infinite set of contingencies.

    Hope you are well, Lynn.


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