UPDATE: AdSurfDaily’s Andy Bowdoin Has Participated In At Least 3 Webinars For ‘OneX’ This Week; Calls Murky Business A ‘Financial Bailout Program For The Average Person’; Accused Ponzi Schemer Implies ASD Was ‘Tremendous’ Success And That People Who Listen To Him Are In ‘Top 10 Percent’

Andy Bowdoin

UPDATE: Awaiting his Ponzi scheme trial on charges of wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities, AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin has participated this week in at least three webinars for a mysterious program known as “OneX.”

OneX is a program pushed on Ponzi boards such as TalkGold and MoneyMakerGroup. It appears to be an MLM-style 4×4 matrix feeder program for a purported Panamanian entity known as QLxchange, which may be operating a gold- and silver-themed investment program and 3×9 matrix from Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

“Tonight we’ll be talking about a financial bailout program for the average person,” Bowdoin said last night, in preliminary remarks about OneX.

In presentations that appear to have been heavily scripted, the accused Ponzi schemer sang the praises of OneX in at least two webinars Monday, touting it as a way for ASD members to make $99,000 “very quickly” by joining what effectively would be an ASD downline group in OneX through which incoming recruits could benefit through leverage delivered by Bowdoin and former members of the defunct autosurf.

Bowdoin or his handlers, however, appear to have altered the script after a listener raised a concern in Monday’s first webinar that purported “leads” for incoming OneX recruits would come from ASD’s database and be awarded to new enrollees in violation of members’ ASD agreements.

On Monday, Bowdoin said he intended to use proceeds that flowed from OneX to pay for his criminal defense. Last week, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer set the ASD patriarch’s trial date for Sept. 24, 2012.

In yesterday’s webinar, Bowdoin told listeners who perhaps were members of OneX prior to the creation of an ASD downline group that they could create a second OneX account that would be placed in the ASD group. The accused Ponzi schemer suggested that it was possible to create even more OneX accounts.

“You can create a new [OneX] account in your spouse’s name, family-member name or friends,” Bowdoin coached, noting that the accounts would require the use of different email addresses and usernames.

“You can work both at the same time,” Bowdoin said.

Earlier in the Thursday pitch, he offered his congratulations to webinar attendees who’d purportedly exercised the prudence to listen to him and become “more successful in life.”

“This puts you in the top 10 percent, because most people never look outside the box to improve their financial situation,” he assured listeners.

Bowdoin faces up to 125 years in federal prison if convicted of the Ponzi charges announced by federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia in December 2010. Bowdoin previously was implicated in an Alabama securities swindle, according to court records. One of his business partners was implicated in three prime-bank swindles.

Despite the serious criminal charges against him and civil judgments totaling tens of millions of dollars against ASD-related assets, Bowdoin suggested yesterday that he and ASD had a “tremendous” success record for marketing on the Internet.

In yesterday’s webinar, Bowdoin introduced Rayda Roundy, whom he identified Monday as a former ASD trainer.

Roundy thanked Bowdoin for the introduction.

“I appreciate being here with you,” Roundy said of Bowdoin.

Whether OneX is thrilled to have Bowdoin, an accused Ponzi schemer who has been formally indicted for wire fraud and securities-related crimes, driving traffic to its scheme is unclear.

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  1. Quick note:

    There is a new comment on Bowdoin’s Facebook fundraising site, purportedly from a person who was expecting a OneX “key” sent by Bowdoin because she had donated to his defense fund. The poster claimed not to have received the “key.”

    The comment concluded with a frown “symbol” — :(


  2. Of course OneX will accept Andy Bowdoin. They could care less where the money comes from as long as the money comes. But what is really telling is that Andy Bowdoin has gone from the heights of being the head of a Ponzi to nothing more than a Ponzi pimp the likes of Ken Russo. Talk about a fall from grace. But a leopard does not change its spots. Whether running one or pimping one it is still a Ponzi and that’s all he knows how to do.

  3. WARNING! Before reading the link below, have a vomit bucket ready.
    Religion used once again to sell an obvious ponzi scheme:
    (Warning! Nausea Alert!)

    God truly wants you to be a blessing to other people during these bad economic times. God wants us to be helpers to One Another By sharing with them the Whatablessing Gods Money Feeder, a Cash Leveraging, Cash Flow System that you “Pay it Forward” to bless others.

  4. I had always thought that God wants us to help those who need it and not to profit from it or be powered by personal greed disguised as “helping others”. “Pay it forward” is a nice concept but when it is used to help line your own pockets at the expense of others, it becomes bastardized and repugnant.

    Those who use God or the Bible to sell programs are lower than whale excrement. I liked that Andy quoted the Biblical line of you shall reap what you sow. He left off the first part of that verse it seems:

    Galatians 6:7, King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Andy is using God to garner more participants in this OneX scheme and plans on paying his legal expenses off the backs of former ASD members and their new recruits. He uses people to reach his own ends. He is a despicable, manipulative, parasitic and parsimonious old man who lives off the labor of others. He will reap what he has sewn, only it will not be the riches that he craves.

  5. Bryce’s partner, “Evangelist Diana Hodges-Jackson” seems to be an even nastier piece of work than her car-washing husband is. Yes, that’s what Bryce’s one legitimate business I could locate was. He washes cars. And seems to live in an apartment complex for seniors.

    ladydj2@hotmail.com was Diana’s email address. A few good looks at what a search engine brings up made me wax nostalgic for the days when you could type nearly anything into a search engine and hit goatse, tubgirl, or a rickroll site as false positives. The first two almost seem wholesome in comparison to the souls of these folks.

  6. Tony H: WARNING! Before reading the link below, have a vomit bucket ready.Religion used once again to sell an obvious ponzi scheme:http://www.prlog.org/11691373-qlxchange-onexwhatablessing-and-gods-money-feeder-make-an-impressive-appearance.html(Warning! Nausea Alert!)

    I thought you were sending me your “key” so I could signup under you?

  7. Lynn, if you really do want a key………

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