UPDATE: Joe Reid, Pitchman Who Led DNA and OWOW Recruits To Disaster, Described As ‘Absolute Legend’ In Text Cash Network’s 90-Day Anniversary Call; Like DNA, TCN Claims Florida ‘Processing Center’ And ‘Tax Benefits’

The pitchman hosting a 90-day anniversary call yesterday for Text Cash Network introduced fellow TCN pitchman Joe Reid as an “absolute legend.”

“In this industry, folks, facts tell, and stories sell,” a pitchman identified as “Eddie” said in remarks introducing Reid.

“This gentleman is a legend — an absolute legend in the industry,” Eddie said. “This gentleman makes money. This gentleman makes BIG money. He’s made millions and millions of dollars over the years in the network-marketing industry . . .”

But “Eddie” said nothing about Reid’s involvement in Data Network Affiliates (DNA) and One World One Website (OWOW), bizarre and crashed opportunities linked to Reid business associate and fellow MLM huckster Phil Piccolo amid claims that affiliates were not getting paid. Piccolo also has been linked to TCN.

Among other things, DNA claimed it could help the AMBER Alert program rescue abducted children, later claiming it offered a “free” cell phone with “unlimited” talk and text for $10 a month.

DNA appears to have assisted in the rescue of no children, but it did complain that the AMBER Alert program had a bloated budget. It later removed its cell-phone offer, claiming it had been duped into making the offer by a huckster. OWOW, for its part, claimed it had products that cured or treated cancer — while also claiming a “magnetic” product helped prevent leg amputations and helped produce tomatoes that would grow to twice their ordinary size — all while assisting dairy herds in producing more milk. (Use the search button in the upper-right corner of the PP Blog for more info on DNA and OWOW and their series of ambiguous and confounding offers.)

As he is doing now for TCN, Reid led cheers in videos or conference calls for DNA and OWOW. (TCN is using the same conference-call software as DNA.) While researching an offer by OWOW, the PP Blog was advised by the Des Moines Police Department (Iowa) that certain addresses that appeared in online promos for OWOW were nonexistent. Lower in this story, you’ll find a reference to something the Boca Raton Police Department reported after the PP Blog asked it to visit a local building.)

An Emerging Bromide

Despite “Eddie’s” assertion that “facts tell,” he provided no substantiation of his claims about Reid and offered no information on Reid’s DNA/OWOW ties, apparently preferring instead to focus on the “stories sell” part of his emerging bromide.

Reid’s story yesterday offered platitudes that “exciting things are happening” at TCN, with Reid adding that the purported text-advertising firm had “tremendous leaders” who’d created “great excitement.”

Reid, whose TCN cheerleading appeared to be somewhat subdued during the call, then passed the call back to Eddie.

Without providing any factual foundation and again apparently defaulting to the “stories sell” part of his bromide, Eddie again assured listeners that Reid was a “legend.” He added that TCN had set all of the following records:

  • Fastest to 10,000 members.
  • Fastest to 20,000 members.
  • Fastest to 50,000 members..
  • Fastest to 100,000 members.
  • Fastest to 200,000 members.

“And most recently, folks, we were the fastest company to 300,000 members — in under 90 days.”

Participants who weren’t excited about those numbers need to check their “pulse,” Eddie ventured, predicting later that there would be “seven-” and “six”-figure earners.

Like DNA and OWOW, strange events and incongruities have marked TCN’s existence.

The TCN Photo Mystery

Despite oddities such as the existence of a promotional photo that shows TCN’s name affixed to a glistening office building in Boca Raton and a public statement by the Boca Raton Police Department that the name is not affixed to the building, Eddie asserted that TCN is a company that “makes sense.”

TCN Tax Claims — After Similar DNA Claims

TCN also may be playing with fire by wooing recruits with claims about the purported tax advantages of joining.

Eddie asserted in the 90-day anniversary call that joining TCN for the “tax benefits” was a good idea. (DNA made similar claims, and Piccolo was a member of a company in California that paid $1 million, in part to settle pyramid claims and claims that recruits were being lured by advertised “tax write-offs.”)

“What about the tax benefits that you receive from owing a home-based business?” Eddie asked yesterday’s conference-call listeners. “You can literally bring home 3, 4, maybe $5,000 — up to $7,000 a year in tax benefits. So many people are completely unaware that, just by being a part of a home-based business, they can save thousands of dollars every year by being a part of a home-based business.

“Guess what? Join us with Text Cash Network and start saving today . . .” Eddie instructed while focusing on the purported tax advantages.

Screen shot: Like DNA, TCN puports to operate a "processing center" in Boca Raton.

Another oddity associated with TCN and DNA is that both firms

Screen shot: Like TCN, DNA purports to operate a "processing center" in Boca Raton.

claimed to operate “processing centers” in South Florida, but the addresses appear to be rental services.

Meanwhile, both TCN and DNA have OWOW — another Piccolo-associated entity — in common somewhere in the food chain.

The earliest promos (early November 2011) for TCN appeared on OWOW’s website.

Like DNA, OWOW appears to be a defunct corporation that continues to produce a website that sometimes goes missing and sometimes is rerouted to other sites.

The management structure of TCN, DNA and OWOW also has been murky, with all three firms claiming to be operated by top professionals while simultaneously publishing ambiguous information. Some TCN promoters, for instance, have claimed TCN is owned by “The Johnson Group.”

Promos that originated through OWOW, however, added an ampersand and extra proper noun, declaring that TCN was owned by the “Johnson & Johnson Group.”

Affiliates of TCN, DNA and OWOW have complained publicly about not getting paid. All three firms have explained away those concerns in largely the same fashion: that payments have come or will come once a series of launches and prelaunches and website adjustments are completed.

Each of the schemes spread in part through social-media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

One poster on a Facebook TCN site dubbed the “Text Cash Network- Official Group Page” complained today that “power line stats” are not working.

“It stopped on the 12/28/2011,” the poster claimed.

On another Facebook site — one dubbed simply “Text Cash Network” — a poster spammed an offer for JSS Tripler. Promoters of JSS Tripler are under investigation by CONSOB, the Italian securities regulator.

See our TCN archive.


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  1. Quick note:

    Compare the “processing center” address for DNA above to the address that appears (Page 5) in this 2010 SEC administrative action:


    That firm, which was using thee same address DNA was using in the same year, was known as Vertigo Theme Parks, Inc. (f/k/a Snap2 Corp.)

    Like DNA, Vertigo Theme Parks, Inc. was a registered Nevada corporation operating in Boca Raton (Fla.). The officer of Vertigo Theme Parks in Nevada’s revoked registration is listed as Kevin D. Johnson.


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  3. Seeing the name Joe Reid made me think of when “little joe” was posting here in defense of AVGA. Same story line and tactics, and he liked to brag about how much money he was making from all his programs. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  4. admin: Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

    Nope, not at all.

    As the saying goes: “some truth is self evident”

  5. […] And like TCN, DNA also purported to do business from Boca Raton, Fla. — and to operate a “processing center” there while providing “tax” benefits. […]