AdLandPro, Site Whose HYIP Shills Touted AdSurfDaily, Finanzas Forex And JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, Renews Attack Against — As ALP Swaps In Images Of Its Own Members Alongside Ad For ‘Escort’ Service

This ad for a purported Thailand escort service appears today in the United States on AdLandPro, a site whose operator is threatening a class-action lawsuit against, an antiscam forum. The PP Blog captured this screen shot today and edited it to remove the images of EIGHT AdLandPro members whose photographs were displayed in the left sidebar and created the appearance that the AdLandPro members also were members of (or approved of) the escort service. When the Blog reloaded the ad, the page displayed the images of EIGHT other AdLandPro members. A third reload served up an image of an entire family, including three young children who appear to reside in the South Central United States.

In November 2011, the PP Blog reported that Bogdan Fiedur of AdLandPro had threatened antiscam site with litigation. The bid to chill RealScam in the age of international mass-marketing fraud featured the registration of a domain styled

With Fiedur trolling for suckers and hoping to make his intellectual dishonesty go viral, RealScam did not buckle at his obvious bid to chill it.

Good for you, RealScam!

It’s hard to condense all the AdLandPro absurdities that followed over the next several weeks, but we’ll summarize them as such: A sampling of Stepfordian shills and mindless apologists stepped up to the plate for Fiedur, “fake” law students purportedly from a major American university entered the fray to add to the bid to chill — and the matter devolved into Threatre of the Absurd in that Internet-only sort of way.

By the end of December, the chill bid appeared to end: Content on the purported class-action site went missing, and the site began to resolve to an AdLandPro page.

We would be remiss if we did not point out that, in addition to being solicited to register for HYIP scams such as AdSurfDaily, Finanzas Forex and JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid (730 percent a year) by purported “Christians” on AdLandPro over the past few years, American visitors (and others) also were solicited for cross-border sales of pharmaceuticals.

If drugs weren’t on their purchase list, AdLandPro visitors were told how to find used underwear and arrange — umm, how should we put this? — the temporary services of scantily clad women in various nations from India eastward after demonstrating a way to pay?

At least some of the risqué ads have gone missing, but their URLs remain. When they’re clicked, they resolve to pages that show the faces of AdLandPro members who had nothing to do with the placing of the ads. Did we mention that AdLandPro purports to be a great guardian of privacy and the interest of its members?

And did we mention that not all of the risqué ads have gone missing — and that, when they’re clicked, they load images of AdLandPro members who had nothing to do with placing the ads and that AdLandPro wants members to believe it was a sort of Facebook before Facebook became the craze?

“The most exclusive, classic and attractive companions in Bangkok are here waiting to join you, at your hotel, apartment, or villa,” one ad on AdLandPro reads today. “All our princesses are hand picked by our management for their beauty, demeanour and friendly attitude.”

The ad is on the “community” subdomain of the AdLandPro.domain. When the PP Blog viewed the ad earlier today, the photographs of EIGHT AdLandPro members showed up in a sidebar only inches to the left. The headline above the sidebar read, “Our Members.” Less than an inch away, a photo of a presumptive “escort” wearing a pink-lace bra and a pink-lace wrap over her genital area appeared. The photo appeared to display two red telephones, with the woman posing seductively on what appeared to be a bed or mat.

When the PP Blog reloaded the page, the images of eight different AdLandPro members were displayed. A third reload resulted in the display of images of an AdLandPro family whose matriarch identified herself in her AdLandPro profile as a mother and grandmother from the South Central United States.

Two adults in the photo were holding young children, one of whom appeared to be an infant. A third child also appeared in the photo. Below that photo, the full-face image of a lone AdLandPro member — a woman — appeared. Below the woman’s photo, an ad for “OneX” appeared.

OneX is a program accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin of AdSurfDaily said he was using to raise funds to pay for his criminal defense.

“I believe that God has brought us OneX to provide the necessary funds to win this case,” Bowdoin said in an October 2011 pitch.

So, if you’re an AdLandPro member and had nothing whatsoever to do with the placement of the escort ad and do not endorse Thailand “princesses” purportedly “hand picked by . . . management,” say, because you oppose human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women, AdLandPro is making it appear as though you’re on board the Thailand escort train.

A link prompt below the photos of the eight AdLandPro members reads, “See All 185753 Members.” The URL points to the AdLandPro membership directory.

By coincidence, the U.S. Department of Justice announced today that Marcus Choice Williams, 36, of Fort Worth, Texas, was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison followed by 30 years of supervised release for various felony offenses related to a conspiracy to traffic women for prostitution.

“The court’s sentence clearly reflects the seriousness of these awful sex trafficking crimes,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.  “The victims suffered physical assaults, sexual abuse and daily degradation all because of this defendant’s greed and callous disregard for them as individuals.  We are committed to prosecuting sex traffickers and vindicating victims’ rights, as they were vindicated today.”

Williams, prosecutors said, operated “adult escort web sites” as part of a human-trafficking scheme that also included money-laundering.

He “recruited vulnerable women, specifically single mothers from troubled backgrounds, and, in some cases used a combination of deception, fraud, coercion, threats and physical violence to compel the women to engage in prostitution, requiring each young woman to secure a daily quota of money, and if operating out of town, to wire the funds to him,” prosecutors said.

Crazier By The Moment

Just when one began to believe that AdLandPro had abandoned its absurd litigation threat against RealScam, guess what’s back? (You’d be right if you guessed the class-action site.)

And if ads on AdLandPro from “Christian” HYIP peddlers and purveyors of used underwear and illegal, cross-border pharmaceutical sales (after Google had agreed in August 2011 to pay the United States $500 million to settle claims of illegal cross-border solicitations for pharmaceuticals) were not enough, Fiedur’s purported class-action site is quoting a notorious YouTube cyberstalker and raunchy Internet gadfly, positioning him as an authoritative critic of

It’s enough to make decent people from all corners of the world cringe as they contemplate whether intellectual corruption as practiced on the web has gained the upper hand.

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  1. In November 2011, I had a letter from a reputable firm of London solicitors (Howard Kenedy) saying that the owner of Adlandpro, Bogdan Fiedur was going to bring a libel action against me for the commments which I had made about him on Real Scam and on one of my own web pages

    I sent the letter to The Senior Partner of Howard Kennedy asking if it was a forgery and I have not received a reply. Real Scam and Eagle Research Associates confirmed that the letter was written by a Julian Wiedur from the Howard Kenedy Law Firm but they do not seem to be representing him in any class action suit against me or RS.

    The class action suit suggests that I referred a number of suckers into a surf program known as e-surfpro. I refered nobody to that program but I did test they paynent processor Autosurf Money which closed a few days after opening with member’s funds including my $40. WWhat reputable solicitor would act for libel or defamation when the client is engaged in similar attemppts to cast aspersions on my name.

    The think that really made me think that the letter was a farce was Bogdan’s claim that I had libeled one of his cohorts who was an unrepentant Andy Bowdoin promoter and a purveyou of pagan (polythestic) religions in what some people claim to be a Christian community. The other Fiedur cohort whom he claimed that I had libelled is a joke and a half running a “millionaire’s club.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Please forgive the typos. I becam a bit didlyxic after a stroke in 2007. I like to think that I am not an uneducated git>

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  4. Patwick, Mr Fiedur is not going to like this. You are being a beastly bully. lol

    In fact I hope you wealize that you are wisking thweats to be sued by LAW STUDENTS!!

  5. Poor Boggy has now done a 180 and is very much so feeling the love!

  6. Soapboxmom: Poor Boggy has now done a 180 and is very much so feeling the love!

    Hello SBM,

    Thanks for the update.

    I also noticed that the “escorts” ad has gone missing from AdLandPro.


  7. We get one scammer off of his high horse and the next one appears on the horizon. Now, the admin from is threatening Realscam.

    Will blunders never cease!

    Bless you for all your incredible work exposing scammers and warning and informing the public, Patrick.