Andy Bowdoin A No-Show In Last Night’s Conference Call For ‘OneX’; Absence Blamed On ‘Personal Problems’ Days After Prosecutors Call ‘OneX’ A ‘Fraudulent Scheme’

Andy Bowdoin

UPDATED 12:06 P.M. EDT (MAY 5, USA): Andy Bowdoin’s bond-review hearing has been rescheduled from May 8 to May 18. Here, below, our earlier story . . .

Only days ago, federal prosecutors described the OneX “program” pitched online by accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin of AdSurfDaily as a “fraudulent scheme” and “pyramid” that “simply re-distributes funds among participants” in ASD-like fashion.

The PP Blog learned yesterday through a source that Bowdoin was a no-show on last night’s scheduled “team” conference call for OneX. A call Monday apparently was canceled.

According to information provided by the source, Bowdoin was unable to participate in last night’s call — after the cancellation of Monday’s call — because of “personal problems.” The specifics of the personal problems were not disclosed.

Unless U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer postpones a May 8 bond-review hearing for Bowdoin, prosecutors are expected to argue on Tuesday that Bowdoin was pushing the OneX pyramid scheme while awaiting his September trial in the ASD Ponzi scheme case.

Although a postponement of the bond-review hearing is possible because one of Bowdoin’s two lawyers is ill and the government has not objected to a delay, the judge has not entered an order delaying the proceeding, according to docket entries as of this morning. (May 5 update: The May 8 hearing has been rescheduled for May 18.)

Last night’s OneX call, according to information provided by the source, was conducted by “Allen” (or Alan).

“First and foremost, Andy has some personal problems that he has to deal with, so he will not be with us for a few days,” Allen said, according to information from the source.

Whether Bowdoin’s OneX “team” is aware that federal prosecutors have described the “program” as a scam is unclear. What is clear, according to filings by the government, is that Bowdoin has a long history of recruiting people into financial debacles and withholding information that would enable them to make informed investment decisions.

Prosecutors also say they’ve tied Bowdoin to the failed AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf, which came to life in the weeks and months after the U.S. Secret Service seized tens of millions of dollars from ASD-related bank accounts in August 2008 as part of a Ponzi probe. AVG vanished during the summer of 2009 — about a year after the ASD seizure — amid claims that someone had stolen money from the enterprise.

Even as AVG was tanking, members and critics were threatened with lawsuits for sharing news about the purported Uruguay-based entity.

While at ASD’s helm in 2007, Bowdoin explained that members were not getting paid because of script problems and because “Russian” hackers had stolen $1 million, according to records. Prosecutors said Bowdoin never filed a police report about the purported $1 million theft.

Prosecutors have argued that ASD collapsed before Bowdoin resurrected it and started operating it under a new name (ASDCashGenerator). Incoming members were not told they were funding payouts to members affected by the collapse. Over time, Bowdoin dialed up the criminality to keep ASD afloat in what was at least its second iteration, according to court filings.

In the 1990s — in at least three Alabama counties — Bowdoin was charged with securities-related crimes similar to his later illegal behavior at ASD, prosecutors now say. ASD members, however, were led to believe that the ASD patriarch’s only encounter with law enforcement had been a speeding ticket.

Bowdoin has been participating in OneX conference calls since at least October 2011, explaining in the earliest calls that we was seeking to fund his criminal defense to the ASD-related Ponzi charges through OneX and that OneX was brought to members and prospects by “God.”

The indictment against Bowdoin was made public in December 2010. It charges him with wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities.

Details about OneX, including the identities of its operators, are exceptionally murky.

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